Raised Floor Solutions for Offices

There are many ways to improve your office space and one of them includes installing raised access floors. A raised floor is just that: an elevated flooring that has space between what would have been your regular concrete floor in an office building and where it is. It may seem like a simple addition to your flooring, yet it solves a lot of office problems.

  1. You won’t trip on wires and cables. The space between the raised floor and the concrete floor underneath can be just several inches, or it can be several feet. They just need to be spacious enough to accommodate all the cables and wires that are now standard in every office, since every office uses computers. Sometimes there are so many of these cables that you risk tripping on them and that can damage equipment or lose valuable work.office-170638_960_720

With the raised floor, all these things are pushed out of the way, beneath the floors you’re working on. You don’t have to worry about accessing these cables when you need to, since you can just lift off the appropriate floor panels so you can access specific areas.

  1. Wires, cables, and pipes make your office look ugly. It seems unprofessional having all these “things” visible in the office. Your office will look like a disorganized mess, a factor that can reduce the productivity of your workers. One survey carried out on 1,000 office workers revealed that 82% of them reported that feeling organized improves their work performance.

What’s more, they will make a bad impression on any potential clients who walk into your office. It makes your company look like an amateurish organization. You don’t want that.

  1. It allows for more efficient cooling. Many offices today use data servers that need an efficient cooling system for maximum efficiency. Raised floors solve this problem handily, as the space under the floors work as air ducts so you can send the air-conditioned air to specific areas of your office.

They also improve the general temperature of the workers’ office space. It can improve their personal comfort which will then encourage them to work more efficiently.

  1. It will even allow for better presentations. Your raised floor doesn’t have to be all at the same height. You can have staggered heights inside a room, so that it can look like a lecture hall in a university. This kind of setting is much better for presentations, as it ensures that everyone gets a good view of the materials. It sure beats a table setting where everyone is craning to see what’s going on.
  2. It can be modular. This means that its features can change as your business needs change as well. Your cooling, cabling, and power wiring may change in the future, but a modular raised floor can accommodate these changes easily enough.

If you’re seriously looking to improve your office, you need to purchase raised access floors right now. They’ve been standard in most offices for decades, and you really ought to modernize your workplace as well.

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