Raft Wars 3 Simon and His Brother

In old game simon 3 year old child and his brother play together in their home and simon dig up into their lawn he finds a treasure he thinks to find the treasure and keep it and their life’s change in mean time both of them go to get their treasure. Both of them get together and be on their little smallships to find it but an enemy stops them to claim that it is his treasure hi burred sometimes ago.

raft wars 3

Simon and his stubborn brother come forward to fight and save the treasure from enemies.

Both of them go for the treasure on the plane and captain sees a ice berg he shouts he is going to crash soon but simon stops him and says it’s not iceberg it’s fun land and they start to chase and find treasure there.

raft wars 3 is more fun you will shoot your enemies with the guns  you have while you be on your raft.

This game raft wars 3 is interesting game when you shoot your enemies. You will not have chance to shot right onto them as we find it in angry bird. You will see the direction and will have to fire on that direction to take your enemy down and go forward to your next level. Funny game will allow you to see the enemy for minimum numbers of time and in mean time you can pick the position and set your gun to fire on your enemy and take his raft down.  There will be red dot dot line along with your gun to let you know that where your gun is going to fire so this will make bit easier for you to take a shot. This game is very interesting you will find different kind of enemies Vikings, pirates, security guards, in raft wars 3 and even homes will be your enemy. All of your opposites will have rafts and they will be shooting you from their rafts. Killing your enemies and taking down their rafts you will be giving points and so you will be able to pass levels. In this game you can have an option to upgrade your raft so that you will be safe from more shooting. We have grenades and rockets to twist your game and give you more fun it can be upgraded easily.

Playing games online is fun and have some amazing time with your friends playing together. Other games on the internet have great graphics but no fun all is frustration. But raft wars 3 is fun and will entertain you and make you smile when get started. Little kid simon and his brother go out and get but also defend their treasure from their enemies. It is simple game but more entertainment all you have to do is shooting to enemies and take their raft drown in the pool with rockets and with great weapons upgrade to the weapons for more fun.

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