Proper Fire Damage Control

Proper Fire Damage Control

Fire can be your friend and it can also turn to your enemy. It can keep you warm when it burns gently and romantically in your traditional fire place. It can be a good friend when you use it in baking and cooking. It can be a helpmate when it helps to burn off debris and other unwanted stuffs. However, it becomes an enemy when it burns beyond its allotted terrain. You should always make effort to keep fire at bay. Never leave it to burn on its own without you been close by to control its burning. Never even leave your food to cook on a kerosene stove or open fire without you being around to monitor things.

When things go wrong

No matter how very careful you are, there are times fires would just burn beyond their allotted spaces and consume things you do not want them to consume. Lots of things can be responsible for such unwanted fire outbreak. It can sometimes be due to open fire extending into the home by wind carrying the flames around. At times, the source of the fire damage in the home can be electrical. A sudden spark in your faulty electrical connections may spark off fire in the home. Carelessly monitored open flame in the home can also catch on combustible materials in the home, leading to big and damaging fire. There are times these things happen accidentally and you may have little or no control over their occurrences.

What to do when this happens?

There is a solution to everything. Preparation also turns opportunity to a fortunate situation. It is always in your best interest to prepare ahead of time for fire outbreaks. Get fire extinguishers ready and get them hung in specific parts of the home, especially areas where open flame is being used. It will be easier to put fire out this way whenever it happens. You can put out the fire long before the fire service men find their ways to the location. Aside the factory-made fire extinguishers, you can also make use of sand to put out fire in the home. Ordinary water may not be able to do much if the fire is big, but sand and fire extinguisher contents can help a lot.

Call on the professionals

Never hesitate to call on fire service men once the fire begins, though this does not mean you should wait for them to arrive before you start putting the fire out. Make sure the fire is out completely before you ever venture into the building to retrieve your properties. If you find it difficult to carry out this retrieval, there are some professionals who major in things like this and they can help to safely retrieve any of your property that is yet to be damaged by the raging fire.  However, all burning things in the home must have been quenched before such retrieval program can begin. The professionals also have specially made fire extinguishers that can help quicken the rate at which the fire is put under control.

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