Propane Generators: Get Ready for the Stormy Season!

Severe weather quirks like tornadoes, thunderstorms and hurricanes can cause real havoc in what is related to power grid. This in turn leaves a lot of homeowners without electricity for more than several days. In case you’re about to experience a regular weather-related power outage, it’s the right time to turn to your backup generator in order to keep your home appliances properly functioning when there’s no electricity available.

If you’re on the lookout for a new generator, make sure to take into account some of the tips below.

propane generator

Advantages of Using Propane as a Source for Backup Power  

Liquid propane doesn’t spoil. If propane is stored properly, it has a never-ending shelf life. That is why liquid propane is a perfect fuel source for the homeowners, who are in need of a reliable backup power, but do not like the idea of stocking on diesel every other season.

Propane will serve you in cold weather. In its condensed form, propane is -44ºF. As you can see, even in the coldest weather, propane won’t turn into gel or get thicken in contrast to diesel fuel.

Propane burns cleaner. Propane produces less carbon deposits in the engine. Moreover, it generates fewer emissions than the rest of the fuels.

Portable or Standby Generators?

Homeowners on the search for backup power sources can avail of two options available: standby and portable generators.

As for the portable generators, they are less powerful and smaller in contrast to the standby ones. This type of generators can be pulled out of storage in case of emergency to provide electricity for a required (short) period of time. The most obvious difference of the devices is that the homeowner will have to start it himself by the use of or recoil / battery-powered ignition.

What to Search for in a Portable Model of Propane Generator:

  • Portability of the system. Some of the models do not have wheels, which reduces the system’s portability.
  • Adequate number of outlets. A portable propane generator must be equipped with sufficient outlets in order to power the whole range of devices you’d like to run.
  • Smart integrated options. Make sure to search for the propane generator features like automatic shut-off for the cases, when the engine oil pressure happens to be low.   

Residential standby generators are more powerful, larger devices that are permanently installed outside the homeowner’s house. Due to the fact that this generator links to your home’s electrical systems, propane or natural gas lines, it guarantees unlimited or extended run time. In case the power is out, the automatic transfer switch sets the unit off as well as disconnects it the very moment the power is there again.

What to Search for in a Standby Propane Generator:

  • Reduction of noise. Since these devices can be loud, it’s good to seek out the ones that emphasize noise reduction.
  • Smart options. Make sure to choose standby propane generator with the options that will protect your purchase from overheating and low level of oil in the engine.
  • Rugged design. Standby generators require a rugged design necessary to work in.

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