Professional Tenancy Cleaning Services

The Tenancy Cleaning is a professional cleaning agency in the London Area that is famous for providing the end of tenancy cleaning services that guarantee that your property will be restored, regardless of the condition. Another assurance is that our cleaning team gets to work immediately to restore it back to the immaculate condition to let you rent it out in a short time. Professional tenancy cleaning is probably one of the most tedious and time projects of cleaning, so we try really hard to make it quick and neat.

We are well aware that it is really important to have a perfectly clean property when you are moving out, because the last thing you want to hear is the cleanliness complaints from the next tenants or the landlord keeping your deposit. We are here to keep you out of this stress as our London based cleaners will get your home feeling fresh and brand new.

Tenancy Cleaning

Tenancy Cleaning provides the highest standard end of tenancy cleaning services on very competitive prices. We are not claiming that we have the lowest costs, but the services are of high quality in market. Always keep in mind that the products with cheaper prices are of low quality and may often cost you much more than you pay for them at the first time. This is the reason why we provide you with the modern cleaning equipment and expert tenancy cleaners in London. We work on affordable prices, which can easily fit to the budget of an average family.

If you have any confusions or questions, do not hesitate to call or contact us. We have a highly responsive and professionally team in our customer department that will answer your questions quickly no matter how odd they are. You will see how we work for you if you book a service today. Your place will be ready for the new tenants in very less time, your landlords will be satisfied with their high expectations and you will surely get your bond back to begin a new life in a new place. We provide both pre and post tenancy cleaning.

Some important things to note:

  • Short notice bookings are available anytime of the day.
  • We only use the standard quality, eco-friendly and safe cleaning products.
  • Our cleaners are trained and skill at evicting the most stubborn stains.
  • In case something is damaged by the cleaning time during the cleaning, we will make our every effort to repair or replace the item, if necessary.
  • The cleaning service is not limited in time as the prices are fixed on the basis of the property size.
  • Our end of tenancy cleaning time is always equipped with all the chemicals and tools, we only want access to your property, water and electricity.
  • Payment is made after the cleaning job is completed and all the premises are inspected.
  • We clean the ovens, cupboards and other kind of appliances inside and out, it is included in the price of our professional end of tenancy

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