Private Event Marquee Hire – The Key Benefits

Marquee hire used to be something of a rarity up and down the United Kingdom – a service sought and considered only by those looking to organise and put on rather exclusive and elaborate events. These days however things are rather different as the web has opened up a thousand and one opportunities for smaller and newer businesses to offer an extraordinary variety of marquee hire services.

As quality standards and attached costs continue to move in the right direction, more domestic and business customers than ever before are considering private event marquee hire for a limitless variety of events and occasions. According to the experts at, marquees are uniquely able to transform what may otherwise have been something of a run of the mill event into something both spectacular and memorable to say the least.

Event Marquee Hire

So for those who still are on the fence as to whether or not the time has come to genuinely consider private event marquee hire, here’s a quick look at just a few of the undeniable advantages:

1 – Location Choice

First and foremost, when you choose to hire a marquee for any event across the board, you immediately open up the entire country with regard to possible location choices. Depending on the size of the event of course, all you need is a suitable outdoor location in the setting of your choosing in order for it to be transformed into a truly spectacular event. Rather than being confined to the various buildings around the country which hire out their rooms, you can choose from gardens, beaches, open urban spaces and literally anywhere else there is an appropriate piece of flat ground.

2 – Guest Numbers

While large events with hugely ambitious guest lists can be nothing short of fabulous, the same cannot necessarily be said for finding appropriate venues.  Finding anywhere big enough in the first place can be a nightmare, which is then compounded by the fact that larger indoor event spaces tend to be cripplingly expensive to hire. By contrast, what’s really fantastic about marquee hire is the way in which there are technically no limits in terms of potential to guest numbers.  The reason being that even if the marquee itself is not gigantic in proportions, by bringing the event outdoors you effectively open up all of the open space around the marquee which in its own right becomes part of the event space.

3 – Limitless Design Choice

While you may be able to add a few bunches of flowers here and there, when and where you hire out a standard event hall you basically have to go with whatever theme and interior décor it features. There’s technically little scope for freedom when it comes to design choice and customisation of the event – the exact opposite being the case when it comes to marquee hire. These days, marquees can be hired in pretty much any and every shade, size, colour and theme imaginable with literally infinite options for customisation and modification. So when it comes to creating the event of your dreams and really bringing your imagination to life, there’s really no better way of doing it.

4 – Hired Help

It’s also worth bearing in mind that when and where you hire out an event hall in a hotel or business complex for example, you’re often restricted to the hired help the place itself provides. From catering staff to equipment to those in charge of decorating the place to serving staff and so on and so forth, you basically have to take what they offer you and are unlikely to be permitted to bring in outside help.  When you hire a marquee however for a private event, it is basically up to you as to who you bring in to help and in what capacity, which once again gives you a complete and total control over the event and its budget.

5 – Incredible Affordability

Last but not least, it never fails to surprise those looking into the idea of marquee hire for the first time as to just how incredibly affordable the whole thing can be.  Especially when held in comparison to the costs of hiring a large event hall or prestigious indoor space of any kind, marquee hire has the potential to be one of the most cost effective options on the cards. And when you consider the fact that marquee hire also brings along a series of extraordinary advantages not limited to those listed above, it’s easy to see exactly why it is slowly but surely becoming the next big thing in event planning and implementing up and down the United Kingdom.

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