Preparing your customer care team for the festive seasons

Not long ago when customer care and support was not that important. But currently, customers have very high expectations on the level of services, care and support expectations; this even feels more during the busy festive seasons. For any business person, the worst you can do is offer poor customer service during these marked periods of the year.

During these festive seasons, it is supposed to be merry times, but many customers can eventually turn stressful. This results from traffic jams, congested stores and the long queues when waiting to get a service.

I bet it is wise and excellent to start preparing for these holidays and treat your customers with amazing customer care and support. How do you think they would feel if there is a fast response to any question or complaint? It would be nice! There is no reason you shouldn’t offer them the best – but you should be getting ready now.


The following are great insights and tips to prepare your team for these festive seasons.

Upgrade the support content. Preceding the holiday rush is the calm period, the off-peak period. Utilize this period and update the support center content as you have enough time. Do this by acquiring the latest knowledge that customers may want and that which is essential to your team.

Use trhe right tool

It’s vital that you use a customer service software to manage the process of helping your customers as a team. You can use Keeping™ which integrates inside your tcurrent email account to manage customer support more efficiently and more importantly more quickly.

Mobile support.

A good strategy to wow the customer is by surprising them with what they couldn’t expect. Ensure all your team members have a friendly mobile support app downloaded in their phones. It makes it easier for them to help customers instantly as they have the support tool with them all the time.

Have a big support team as possible.

Design your customer care tool in such a way that anyone in the business can help customers. Train every personnel in the firm to be conversant with the support tool. If marketing and sales can answer easy questions, then leave the support team to handle complex issues while the rest of the team solves the easier ones.

 Fast response and solving of issues.

A lot of customer support experts advise that the single most important element in customer support is a fast response. Lay strategies to ensure that customers get assistance as soon as they get in touch with the business. Fast service is a big win for the business and a source of happiness and assurance to the customers that customer care is within reach, they are valuable and that the business cares about them. If your team takes a couple of days and often act after several contacts, then that is an ineffective team.

The festive periods are stressful to almost everyone- retailers, shoppers, service providers, and particularly to the customer support agent. It is important to keep in mind that the entire struggle is towards satisfying the customer, trying to make them smile.

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