Pregnancy clothes that would make you look good

You feel good if you look good and viceversa but during pregnancy you might have problems picking the right clothes to fit in.

Some feel super big and bloated while other just love having that perfect baby bump. Every woman is different so dressing up for the occasion is strictly related to how you feel when pregnant.

But what to wear when pregnant?

Best thing is to wear things that are loose or elastic, strictly thinking of comfort and not necessarily about style. Sure, picking out stylish pregnancy clothes is important but as you grow you feel what’s more important to you, and confort will be nb.1

When you think of wearing something you look good in, try the clothes you loved to wear before and see how they fit. Bodycon dresses might be a bit too much if you’d ask me but there are sexy mommies that love to show their new shape. Still, in the last trimester you might feel very big and uncomfortable wearing anything close to your skin. So try not to put all your money into skinny, skimpy clothes you might regret buying later.

Pregnancy clothes that would make you look good

In my opinion, wearing loose, yet girly and sexy dresses is the best thing for both style and comfort.
Forget about high heels because they might be elegant and chic, but they would surely not feel as comfortable when your feet swell up. Invest in high quality flats and sneakers especially if that fits your favorite casual style. There are tons of cool designs that are just out on the market, from super awesome Superstars to the fashionable Fenty x Puma collection by Rhianna. These are pieces you will be able to wear years and years after while taking your little treasure for a stroll.
Flat sandals and ankle boots are also style you might want to consider. From boho festival looks to casual days out, there are many occasions you can wear them to.

Looking amazing might be a small challenge during the last trimester but try to focus more on emphasizng your assets rather that trying to hide what you don’t like about how you look right now.
Don’t invest in maternity wear unless it’s imperative so you can easily go for a new bag rather than a dress you might not wear next year.

If you want to invest in something that makes you feel awesome, try massages, beauty treatments and working out. Still, you need to talk to your doctor before doing any of these so you won’t make things worse. Fix your hair up, try a new make-up style if you feel like making changes. Unfortunately it’s not the time to try on new cosmetic treatments or high tech beauty equipments. Go for a walk, do yoga or simply relax because you will have all the time in the world to get back into your sexy shape.

Go out with friends, enjoy your time because you will have a big change coming for you when the little one is born. Take care of yourself so you would have a happy little bud that’s both happy and healthy.

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