Practical Uses for Paper

Paper is a universal material that has endless uses. We tend to focus on the artistic uses for paper, but paper can be far more than an art piece. It has very practical uses. Paper and paper products are a reusable material that can be molded into some very useful devices and even some products that make life better for many people. Here are some wonderful ways people are using paper.


Milk Carton Wallets

In the pursuit of recycling one product that is often overlooked is the wax covered cardboard milk carton. Millions of these are thrown away every day. They cannot be recycled because of the wax on the carton so people are at a loss as to how to properly dispose them without filling up dump sites everywhere. The solution is found in making these durable products into useful things. One of the most useful products is a wallet. Instead of merely throwing away a milk carton people everywhere are folding them into both wallets and purses for everyday use. These are great for children as milk cartons come in a variety of colours.


Homelessness is a worldwide issue. You may not think of homelessness as a problem for you as you have a wonderful home to sleep in at night, but most people are only 1 or 2 pay periods away from being homeless themselves. No person is immune to becoming homeless no matter how wealthy they are, so this issue should be a priority for every person on the planet. Some people are tackling this issue head on.

Cardboard homeless shelters are popping up everywhere. These foldable solutions are very inexpensive and serve as durable forms of temporary housing that allow homeless people to sleep without the weather being a factor in whether they will be able to keep the rain off or not. Although the shelter may not be as durable as many other forms of housing, offering a place for a person without a home to rest out of a storm can mean more to them than anything else. Some of these homes are made to house many people while some are manufactured to be light and easy to carry for people to keep with them while they are out on the road.

Many cities where homelessness is a severe problem are looking for practical solutions what to do with homeless people to keep them safe. Some cities are adopting the tiny home movement and implementing tiny home homeless communities to help people get off the streets, however this can cost a lot of money. Cardboard homeless shelters are a simple solution with practical uses, but very low cost, so for certain situations this form of housing would solve a great deal of homeless issues.

Storage Boxes

It can be hard to find ample storage in a home. Many storage devices are practical, but expensive. Face it you have enough bills without adding expensive furnishings to the list. Storage boxes can be easily crafted from any number of paper materials. Depending on what needs to be stored will determine the weight of paper you should use. To make the craft a family affair you can even get the kids involved. Have them colour and decorate the paper prior to putting the box together. Each child can make their own storage box so they will have their own individual style. Do not worry if the box becomes damaged over time. Kids tastes change as they get older and the storage box can change with them as they grow.

Personalised Placemats

Teaching children to eat without making a mess can be a bit of a challenge. They have an amazing ability to destruct without meaning to. One way to protect your table from little disasters from children eating is with the use of placemats. Purchasing placemats is fine, but for the crafter is unnecessary.

Take a large piece of paper and allow your child to decorate it how they wish. Once all the colouring fun is done you can attach pictures of your child to the paper and laminate it to allow it to be more durable. Your child will love having something that they can recognize as their own and you can make new ones as your child grows to make memories.

Twenty Fingers is a family oriented company that is always looking for both beautiful and practical ways of using paper to make lives better. Their family tree picture frame may seem like merely a work of art to hand on the wall, but I can assure you that giving that special person in your life a papercut from them will not only hold a special place on their walls, but will have the practical ability to make them smile and brighten their day every time they look at it; so make someone smile today and give them the gift of lifelong memories and happiness.

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