Polo Tshirts& shirts – the most comfy option to go for!

Whether it’s a casual outing with friends on a breezy Sunday or a lunch meeting with a client, polo t-shirtjust fits perfectly. The classic polo t-shirts are much in trend these days, adding to the list of wardrobe must haves for all men. The most wanted are the ones in monochrome simple hues of baby pink, florescent orange, basic green, red & lemon yellow. Men have become more open to experimenting with different colours! Surely they want to add some verve to their wardrobe.t shirts

Also much in vogue are the classy polo shirts for men– a combination of comfort & formal dressing and much sorted by most corporate honchos these days. There has been a transition from the ultra -formal shirt plus suit attire to simple casual shirts &t-shirts for meetings & official networking events. People today are averse to following herd mentality want to wear what they feel defines their persona the best. There has been a gradual shift in mind-sets & men have broken through the rigidities & pre-conceived notions about judging people on the first look when they meet for an official meeting. It was initially much expected that an artist or a photographer or for that matter any person from a creative field might turn up in yellow shorts & grey t-shirts for an official meeting, but today, it is different. Even CEO’s of young start-ups dress up pretty casually &defines their own style statement. Of course present ability is vital but people are embracing the change. They no longer have that impression & outlook that a person who has landed up in shorts for a meeting is not experienced enough or does not know his stuff. Such mental barriers & judgemental attitude is about to change, in fact changed significantly. This is great news.  So next time you have to go for a meeting, don’t take so much load. Its absolutely alright to pick your fav polo t-shirt& a trouser which makes you comfortable & kick start your pitch with a smile.

Find an exclusive range of polo tshirts online&trousers for men on American Swan’s website, crafted to give you that perfect fit! The fit is most important as loset-shirt can make you look lousy!

Combing excellently tailored styles with great comfort, it offers a wide variety of colours to add to or your wardrobe &gives you that causal chic look. So go for something that defines rarity & reflects your persona. Polo t-shirts are an ultimate combo of style & comfort while not being an off beat wear. Though if you are bold enough to wear an orange one, some eyes may pop up! But then if that’s what you like, go for it!Its is high time people respect each other’s dressing sense & not make such a big deal out of it. So chose for colours which makes you look your very best & yes move beyond the usual, be different, be stylish!

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