Planning out the wedding invites!

Selecting wedding invitation cards can be a tough job since these cards provide your guest with a peek at your wedding. These cards not only tell the venue and the time of your big day but they also reflect what kind of wedding you are having. You should choose invites after you have decided what kind of wedding you want; a traditional and elegant one or a modern and fashionable one. You can go through wedding invitation photos and some other websites and can see what you like and what you want.

invitation cards

Make sure that the font is readable!

Select a color theme for your wedding along with the design that you want, and use them for not only the wedding invitation cards but also for the menu cards, etc. You can use some white cream colored card stock with a black or a golden font to give your cards a traditional look. However, if you want, you can spark them up by adding some other colorful fonts and envelopes.

You can have your cards of different fun sizes;a circular or a square invite sound cool.However do remember that extra large sized invites will increase the postage and will cost more!

While you get caught up in the different colors and designs, don’t forget that the font has to be legible. Make sure all the information is readable; avoid using colored fonts on similarly colored backgrounds. This will make it harder to decipher what actually is written. Plus make sure that the font isn’t over done and can’t be read.

What to write and how to write on these invites!

Keep the tone welcoming and do write down all the required information and your name! See that you haven’t spelled anything wrong and that you have written only the required keywords on the invites.Don’t squeeze everything on the cards have separate enclosure cards for other details.

Start designing and getting your invites printed at least six to eight months before the wedding, in this way all your cards will be done on time. Once your cards are prepared you can start handing them out again six to eight weeks before the big day!  See that your guests know that they have to reply quickly so that you may talk to your caterers, make sure that you include your RSVP information so that they can contact you as early as possible.

Invitation cards can get pretty pricey.

It depends on the design and the quality of paper you have chosen.  Plus customized designed cards will cost you more. See that you find the most reasonable priced cards so that they don’t effect your budget.

Get your guest addresses hand written on the envelopes if you want to.

Make sure that these invites include every single detail before they are printed. Get the cards printed in the right amount.However do make sure you get some extra cards printed, though, just to be sure. Make sure your cards are stamped and see that you won’t face any problems due to the postage.

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