How a Plagiarism Software can Be Useful For Student

No matter how much hard work you have done for completion of your assignments or thesis, a plagiarism of more than 5% will ruin all that for you in just seconds. It’ll make your whole work look like as if it is copied from somewhere without paying proper credits and you are trying to steal their work.

At some institutes, the policy for violation of duplicate content or assignment of more than 5% is really strict as you may end up getting expelled with a stamp of poor performance on your official documents so no matter wherever you go, you’ll be suspected of doing some illegal things for sure.

Free Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism occurs when you just copy paste someone else’s work and portray it as your own without mentioning the source. Sometimes, the work done wholly and solely by you may also seem to be of someone else because there could be a person who has already done that thing previously on the same topic of your assignment contains similar wording to that of your document. Students should be aware of this type of plagiarism as you may get caught without committing this fraud.

In some countries, the Plagiarism charges may get you banned from getting education throughout your life span and you can’t even apply for educational programs in any of the institute. So students should be in a habit of checking their work for plagiarism even if they have plagiarized the papers or the other way as it is your safe way out from getting charged for this illegal act.

First of all, make a soft copy of the documents of your assignments or thesis. Then run all of the pages through the plagiarism checker and it ‘ll identify that where the data seems to be plagiarized or copied. Try to remove the same copied text by spinning the words and sentences and changing the arrangement of sentences. If you need to mention some quote or anything like that which needs to be copied the very same way as it is, then you should specify the source and give proper credits to the owner of that source. And this thing not only goes for the text but also for the images, videos, and every stuff available on the internet.

How to Check Is the Content is Unique or Copied

So for checking that is the content is completely unique or not first of all, make a soft copy of your documents. Then you need to create an account on Expert SEO Tools website for using their Free Plagiarism Checker Tool. Sign into their site after registering with your credentials. Open your document and copy all of its content by pressing command Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C. Open the plagiarism checker tab on your browser and paste all the content in the given box by pressing Ctrl+V command. The maximum word limit allowed for one check through is 1000 words and you can paste remaining content in the second search through. This online software tool for checking duplicate content will tell you that how much unique your assignment or thesis work is. And if there is any duplicate content on the internet database, it’ll identify that too it will let you know by giving the complete data of table that is the content is unique or copied.

It will show you the stats of content by taking a little snippet of text and showing the bar boxes of copied or unique in front of it, by checking each paragraph of your document online one by one which would let you know is the content is copied or not.

If the content is copied, then it will show as already exist, and if not then it will show as unique, it also tells how much percent of your content is unique and is not duplicated. So it’s up to you now that do you wanted to remove that text from that document, or can rephrase it using Article Rewriter Tool which is also available on the same website. It’s helpful for students to check their assignment uniqueness and making changes to it you can also check grammatical mistakes within the documents with their Grammar Checker tool it’s also another great tool which they recently added to their website they are adding more tools for students, SEO Geeks and Marketers in future.

All these tools and software on their site are completely free to use you can use it for unlimited times so no more duplicate content and no sillier mistakes of grammar.

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