Why Pixie is the Best Nespresso Machine?

Nespresso machines are among the most popular forms of coffee making at home and offices and offer a range of flavours to choose from in form of pods and capsules used by their machines. Owing a Nespresso means a complete, simple and fast setup of best coffee making at home.


The brand offers around 5-6 machines for coffee making and almost all of them have proven success. The most popular of them are Inissia, Pixie and CitiZ, but we all know that there is always a winner.  Pixie, as the name says it all, it’s a compact machine by the brand that has got immense popular due its small size and price. It offers excellent coffee and has a pre-heat time of merely 30 seconds which is better than the CitiZ (premium machine). The machine has 19-bar pump pressure that brews an excellent cup of coffee every time.

Due to its compact size, there is a small water reservoir in the unit but a light flashes when the water level is low. It’s available with or without frother as per your needs and budget and overall it’s a great buy. There is a machine smaller than the Pixie named as Inissia and comes below the price tag of $100. It also makes a great cup but for the reduced price, there is a demotion of quality. Most of the parts been used are made of plastic which tend to broke in wear and tear of machine.

Another machine that is priced above the Pixie is the CitiZ. The size is bigger and comes for some extra bucks. Due to the big size, the pre-heat time is 60 seconds which is just the double of Pixie. The only advantage we saw in this machine was a slight larger water tank of 1litre for shorter refills.

From the above, one can clearly guess that Pixie is the right and Best Nespresso Machine. It’s priced right, has simple interface and carries the functions which are actually needed.

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