PickCrafter Game for Mobile

PickCrafter is smartphone nervy. It’s available on Play Store for Android devices, Apps store for IOS device And Windows Market for Nokia Windows’s phone. Mobile game PickCrafter is developed by Fiveamp creators. Fiveamp is a small developing project team to create an enhanced game for smartphones such as the popular games like PickCrafter. The nervy of this genre is simulation type. There are a lot of games that fall in the genre of Simulation category but this one has different similarities and taste as well giving it almost the no. 1 rank top in all stores as comparing with other simulated video games. Basically this video reminds so much of Mine Craft adventure sport, a one having 4d graphics with her and a cinematic view. In other words an open world games. You can play solo or co also. But in PickCrafter they have taken it into another level, they have got the same engine that is running in Mine Craft, same view as well as same atmosphere but with different angle of playing. You can tap or swing to break blocks that block you way to gain pick up bricks and silver, gold or platinum treasure. Mine gems, collect the axes, and discovering the different chest and treasure around the globe of PickCrafter.

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Later on in this nervy use your picks that are chests treasure or gold etc. To open loaded treasure filled with platinum with in it. Unlock as many as collectibles you gain in order to gain access to experience points. Explore variety of biomes and let try on yourself that if you can reach and break all of them suddenly. Also you can do multiplayer to challenge other players that are playing. Instead of this the screen of your Device will be given a split view to see yours as well as your opponents score and collectibles as well. The one who wins the challenge at the end time will be given a gems, bucks and coins for upgrading and reaching the next destination within the game itself. Mobile game PickCrafter also let you to collect those axes and collectibles to top and increase your ranking in leaderboards that are specifically made for multiplayers. Download this game now and start your adventure of treasure like never before.


  • You can break block that are blocking your way to gain XP point and then make your way to earn and receive a crafted treasure or loot a chest.
  • Unlock the axes and let them to become mighty even more.
  • Use your special abilities to strengthen your base.
  • Level up and gain more fire to catch.
  • Discover and visit variety of underground and places.
  • Challenge your friends to increase your rank.

Mobile game PickCrafter has more than 100+ achievements to be unlocked at first. The more achievements you unlocking by playing this game the more interesting and challenging it will become. No doubt this is still number 1 ranked game in simulation category; it has also taken a place of no. 15 on top games of 2015 on Google Play Store.

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