How to Pick The Right College For You

When the time comes to choose the best college for you, this can be a tough time and one which requires a great deal of attention and focus. The reason why this is so important is not just because you want to get the best education possible, but because college is a hugely important time in your life and getting the selection right could be the difference between loving college life, and struggling through it.

Having advised many people on this subject, and having been to college myself, shout out to Alabama A&M University, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to get the choice of college just right.


The first thing to think about is of course, what it is that you want to study. Many colleges will offer a huge range of programs and courses but many will specialise in one or two areas. Take the college that I went to in Alabama for example, the reason I chose this college in particular was because I wanted to go to a college which specialised in athletics. Have an idea of what you want to study and then select your college accordingly.


Not everyone wants to go to a far away college and live on their own, so far from their family and friends. On the other hand, that is exactly what some students are looking for and this is a decision which can really impact which college you decide to go to. Have a think about just how much independence it is that you want before deciding which college is for you.

Student Life

As we mentioned before, college is not only about getting an education and it is also about the student living and social aspect of this experience. Make sure that you do some research on what student life is really like in your chosen colleges, to help you make the decision. Look for a student body which is active, community spirited and fun loving, if you are able to find a college with the courses that you want and a good student way of life, you may have hit the jackpot.

Career Opportunities

It is well worth sparing a thought for what kind of contacts the university has in the world of work and what kind of success rate they have for their ex-students. In many industries, there are respected colleges and depending on what job you would like to do once you have finished college, you can give yourself a leg up the ladder through making a smart choice in terms of what college you will go to.


College courses wildly vary in price and if you don’t want to walk out of university with extraordinary debts, you should pay attention to the value of each college. It is not just about how much it costs, but also about what you will get for that money.

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