Photographing Babies Made Easy!

Every mother feels that her babies grow up too fast. One day they barely fit into your rams and the next they’re crawling around your home and performing monologues in baby talk. Our memories are fallible and thus the only way to preserve the innocent look of a newborn child is by capturing them on film. Photographing a newborn child may seem daunting but it isn’t impossible. Whether you’re looking at Newborn Photography in Edinburgh or anywhere else in England, here are five tips that can make the session easier for the baby, the parents and the photographer.

Safety First

Many parents have reference images in mind for a newborn baby’s photoshoot. However, it is important to remember that most of these images are actually composite photographs. Hence, you must have faith in your photographer’s Photoshop abilities and not put your baby in any position that could compromise his or her safety. Do not use any sharp or hard props and always support your baby or ask someone else to spot your baby when they are placed on an unsteady surface.

The Baby Must Always Be Comfortable

Most baby photographs can be categorized as photographs of a sleeping baby or photographs of a baby who is awake and happy. For both these types of photographs it is essential that your baby is comfortable while being shot and between shots. Any sort of discomfort can make your baby start crying or turn fussy. To avoid this, wear gloves if your hands are cold or consider using heating pads and space warmers to create a cozy space.

Pick the Right Time

Ideally a baby should be photographed within 14 days of being born. During this time frame, new born babies are usually sleeping for most of the day and hence are easy to work with. For most babies, the umbilical cord falls off after 5-6 days. Thus, you may want to wait for this before booking a baby photography session.

Start with the Basics

The more complex a photograph, the more time it will take to shoot it. Thus, when shooting a new born baby, it is best to start with the basic shots that will take least time. This way you are guaranteed a set of must have poses such as a baby lying on his back, on his side, on his tummy and detailed photographs. Photographs that involve props and composite arrangements should be taken only after the basics photographs have been shot.

Be Flexible

A new born baby will not model according to your schedule; everyone must work around his or her schedule. If a baby is being cranky, it is best to wait until he or she has been soothed and is in a better mood. Always plan buffer time for a photoshoot with babies as a majority of the time may be spent waiting for the baby to be calm. For this reason, many photographers choose to charge clients per session or per image rates rather than by the hour.

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