People’s Soul Will Still Sing God’s Praise Unending

On 11th September 2016, the SCOAN Sunday service was a souvenir sort of. While bringing together God’s people to praise and worship the name of their God, it presaged the commemoration of the transition to grandeur of the Martyrs of Faith who soared to meet with their Creator on 12th September, 2014 while on a divine pilgrimage. Kimmy Skota’s resonant voice resounded beyond the auditorium into the hearts of family members of the transited as well as congregants who came all the way from their nations to keep an appointment with God. Her delivery of the carol ‘Heaven is our home’ reminded all that life on earth is actually momentary. All supremacy belongs to God and hence, the family members and relatives of the Martyrs of Belief have decided to submit to His willpower.

In her memorandum titled ‘Our need for a mentor’, Evangelist Kimmy drew the attention of Christians to the pragmatism of going through a mentor who plays the role of a director and guide in their lives. Nonetheless she noted that, to enjoy the benefits of a mentor, one needs to be genuine. She likened her notion of sincerity to the relationship between a new transfigure and Lord Jesus who accepts penitent souls unconditionally. If one is sincere, one will remember the first day one believed Jesus and the way He accepted him or her unconditionally. According to her, genuineness wins it all, as any attempt at pretense will always lead to difficulties. Pretense is the malady that causes people to collapse when they are mounting the stepladder of success. Using her life story as an instance, Evangelist Kimmy stated that if not for the heavenly appointment she had with her mentor, Prophet T.B. Joshua of SCOAN, she would have lost out in the battle of destiny, emphasizing that she was at the point of total destruction when God sent His clairvoyant to guide her to salvation.

The life journey continues. It is not about the envoi but the invariable message. It is not about the miracles but the Phenomenon worker. It is not about the man, but the Creator. It is all about Lord Jesus Christ. Even in the face of life’s uncertainties, the everlasting message of Lord Jesus Christ will last forever. This is what people are born for, what they are alive for and what they are going to perish for.

Wherever the road may lead an individual, the prophecy that gave birth to this ministry SCOAN several years ago is the same vision that wakes people up in the morning, sends them to sleep at night and is preparing them for the journey tomorrow. And what is that prophecy? One job; one way. The way is Jesus Christ and the job is to talk about His glories to others.

Life is a conflict. In a battle, there are many combats to be won. Each time God sees you through a conflict, it is true for you to say, “Thank You, Lord” and praise Him. It is a way of encouraging Him to see you through future conflicts, because there are many combats ahead.

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