PBS Kids Math Games

PBS Kids Math Games provides a wide range of knowledge-enhancing games with various mathematical concepts. This site provides games which are appropriate for a K-3 grader. These games include the academic skills like counting, patterns, matching, shapes, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry and IQ games. The main reason why this website is gaining popularity is that it does not just simply follow the rule of “plug and chug” digits for solving problems. The stories in the start of tutorials include funny and exciting audio console and animated visuals that make it more fun to learn. PBS Kids games provide a number of intellectual games that your child will enjoy to his fullest.

pbs kids math games

PBS Kids Online Games

PBS Kids Online Games include the following games

  • Buying Groceries

In this game, you are assigned a budget and price rate of various things, so you have to purchase things keeping in mind the budget given. This game is basically to improve you addition and multiplication skills.

  • Snowflake Match

This game works with your child’s intellect. Half portions of various flakes are given and other half are present at the bottom and your kid’s task is to match the same flakes. This game is basically to improve the observational skill of your child.

  • Dino Drink

In this game, there are dinosaurs of various sizes and in front of them are dug holes of various sizes.  We have to choose an egg shell of which is given on the top right side in various sizes. We have to choose an egg shell according to the size of the hole then we have to drag it to the extreme left side to fill water in it from the waterfall. After filling the water, we drag it to the hole and fill it so that the dinosaur can drink the water. This game is exceptionally perfect for sharpening your kid’s observing skills.

  • How Big Are You?

In this game, you have to determine the size of a dinosaur by the number of mini dinosaurs fitting in the x-axis. This game sharpens observing skills, mathematical skills and intellectual skills.

  • Bubble Pop

In this game, you have to pop bubbles with the monkey in a tub and count the number of bubbles that you pop. This game covers the area of enhancing your kid’s counting skills.

  • Ergomania

In this game, you are provided some pieces of earth and you have to gather more pieces in order to complete you goal. Suppose there are four pieces of earth given and you goal is six so you gather two more from the flowing river to meet your goal. This game is perfect for your kid’s mathematical skills like counting, addition and subtraction. Moreover, the pace of observing is also enhanced through this game and color recognition is also boosted by this game.

Above mentioned PBS Kids Online Games are some of the games out of all. These games creatively boost up your child’s mental health and help him make intelligent and sharp minded. Moreover, it aids improving your child’s observing capabilities. Play PBS Kids Games and help him to cope with the world.

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