Your Path to an Engineering Career

If you are the type of person with an innovative mind, an eye for design and a curiosity for the inner workings of things then a career in engineering could be for you. Engineers really make the World tick, they are the creators of all that you see around you and they are the ones that turn ideas into reality. There are several fields of engineering from science to construction which can give you a wide choice of areas to specialize in. As well as giving you the opportunity to create and innovate, engineers earn a good salary with some fields earning in the 6-figure mark, the software engineer salary in New York for example annually earns in the hundreds of thousands of dollars on average, and more often than not have excellent job security.

Engineering can take you further than simply being a worker, some of the most successful engineers have gone on to create successful companies and become very wealthy. People like Anura Leslie Perera, who has used his industry knowledge to not only become a great engineer who has overseen huge projects, but also who has built the successful aerospace company Raycom, growing his wealth along the way and coming an inspiration for anyone looking to become an engineer. If you think engineering is for you then here are some tips to help you get

What to Study

 Maths and Science are going to be the key areas of education that you will need, engineering is founded in these areas and without them you won’t be able to continue your studies at college level. Most colleges require strong grades in these subjects in order to study engineering with them,once at college you will need to choose your area of specialization.

Areas to Consider

 There are a wide variety of engineering roles in which to go into, here are some of the choices available to you.

  • Chemical engineering – Manufacturing of chemicals and chemical production.
  • Civil engineering – Construction of large structures and systems.
  • Mechanical engineering – Focus on energy systems manufacturing systems, machines and transport systems.
  • Computer engineering – Software systems and hardware development.

How to Improve

In order to forge a career in engineering management, it is important that you constantly look to improve your knowledge and your skills. Whilst studying, you should be taking on projects and trying to find internships in order to be able to learn your craft on-the-job. It is vital that you learn from experienced people in the industry and finding a mentor to help you out can help you improve greatly.

How to Succeed

 Succeeding as an engineer is about consistency, consistently providing a great service, consistently seeking to improve, consistently delivering on projects and consistently looking to be more creative. If you want to be a great engineer then having a particular specialization is key, whilst engineering skills can be transferred across a number of industries, focussing on one and becoming an expert within it will bring you great success. If you have loftier ambitions of management or ownership then it is important that you work hard on your leadership skills and display them with every opportunity that you get.

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