What is Pad Printing Good For?

Pad printing requires the transfer of ink from a silicone pad to the object you want to print on/to print. It’s like the way you use the regular rubber stamps that collectors use most of the time. Things are a bit more advanced but at its core the process is pretty much the same, without any changes that would make things way too complicated to understand.

The pad printing process involves using a machine. This will hold the promotional product and pad in place. Then, the pad will be pressed in the inked plate. This plate is etched in any shape you want for the artwork. The pad will then be pressed on that object and the process will finalize here, as you will get a very crisp image printed on the object.

There are many reasons why people use pad printing, mainly because it’s very efficient and it’s a modern way to handle any type of tasks without any major problems in the end. Pad printing is one of the most modern way of printing in a large, fast format. Most companies use pad printing to help get orders and assignments done on time.

Pad printing is a modern process, a lot more modern if you compare it with screen printing. It started to catch some ground in the 60s and, since then, it has continually expanded into something more powerful and helpful for the advertising industry. The great benefit for this printing method is that you can use it to print even those items that have an unusual shape or look.

You will like the great attention to detail delivered by the entire process and, at the same time, you will get to enjoy one of the most interesting and refined printing methods on the market. Pad printing does improve all the time, with more and more machines appearing on the market that tend to streamline the process and make it a lot more powerful than before.

The pad printing process can even take complete advantage of things like edible ink for example, which is quite an interesting achievement to be honest. These can be used for cookies, cakes, mints, candy, chocolates where item is lighter colored. If the item is dark, it is possible to print texts and logos with dark inkÿbut the item cannot be too large.

Also, pad printing enables you to acquire some very good resolutions in the longer term. This gives you more control over the final product and the value is surely an efficient, professional one right away.

Does it work well?
Yes, pad printing can do an amazing job at providing you an outstanding experience. If you are a fan of pad printing, you will see that the process can handle just about any difficult task and it can work well without that much of a trouble.

There are some things to note here though. The pad printing process can be a fast one, but it does have its own set of limitations. On top of that, you will see that the speed and print area features might not be as good when compared to other types of printing. Ink opacity also must suffer quite a bit, not to mention that it might be difficult to work with some color variations.

Yes, pad printing is a great tool for everyone and it can provide you with a solid ROI. There will be some limitations from a technical standpoint, but the fact that you can print roughly any surface does work in its favor. The quality of these prints is also really good, yet another impressive feature that you will enjoy a lot. Overall, pad printing doers an amazing job and it brings you the value that you always wanted from printing. So, if you want to opt for a very good printing method for advertising, this is certainly one of the best picks!

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