Pack and Move Stress-Free with Pro Tips

As you know, good preparation is half of the whole success of your enterprise. In terms of a successful move, planning and packing is the basis of your good and easy relocation. Below we prepared several useful tips with the help of professional movers in St. Albert about the pre-packing process: what to have and how to plan this part of your moving project.


Pre-Packing Checklist

The most important word that you need to always keep in mind when planning your move is prepare!

Make a Supply Run

Before you get down to packing all your belongings professional movers in Sherwood Park advise collecting all packing supplies at one place and cleaning some space specifically for packing. Make sure that you get enough boxes, bubble wrapping paper, packing foam, tape, plastic totes, scissors, and anything else you might need during the packing.

Get a Head Start

Start packing your stuff as early as possible, because there is never enough time for it. The earlier you start packing process, the better organized and stress-free process you will get. Further mover, the more time you will have to ask for help if needed.

Label Containers

When packing, make sure that you write a list of things inside of every packed box so that when unpacking you know what belongs where. Moreover, Sherwood Park experts advise choosing different colors for different rooms for the simplified unpacking.

Get Rid of Some Stuff

De-clutter your home and get rid of unwanted items. Look through all your things and try to leave behind everything you have not been using for more than a year. The more things you get rid of, the lighter and faster your move will go, not even mentioning that the less things you have, the less you pay for their relocation.

Have a Notebook

Have a notebook with all moving information, including phone numbers of relocation-connected process, details of your movers, as well as list of things to do and services to contact. Keep in mind that without organization your move will turn into chaos and with a notebook you will be able to keep track of all things to do and remember about.

Do not Forget your Pets

You know that relocations are mostly disliked by pets, so you need to make sure that your four-legged friend feels comfortable during the move. Consult your vet about the means of its transportation as well as any tips on doing it stress-free.

Separate your Valuables

While moving companies always pay special and careful attention to your valuable things, movers in St. Albert advise taking irreplaceable documents anything else with you to avoid any additional worries and accidents.

Follow the Doctors Orders

If you have any serious medical conditions that require medication or treatment, plan ahead the medications part and do not forget to discuss any treatment plans or specific needs that you will have at a new place. Ensure that you make the needed arrangements prior to the moving day.

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