Owning And Dealing In The Whooping Sports Goods Market

Sports is a vast arena as most of the business people are investing in this industry too as it is spreading itself in the international market. There are many retailers which are gaining more and more income from this business and some have become billionaire while operating in this market. There are many businessmen in Britain which have been listed in the Forbes magazine and in the year, Michael Ashley was also ranked at 15th number in the 2012 version and the estimated wealth of £1.5 billion.

Owning And Dealing In The Whooping Sports Goods Market

Development of sports goods market

The sports goods market has flourished in the recent times and the technological advancements and developments are taking place in this particular market with most of the businessmen investing huge amount into this business. In this regard, the company of Michael Ashley is earning by leaps and bounds and that is why it has made it one of the famous and largest chains in the UK. The businessman has the view that as there are many sports thriving in today’s era so there are many stores which are also selling qualitative products like a football, basketball, swimming costumes and much more.

The company is also said to be earning more in its initial years by taking upon many big deals with other private ventures too. It has around 400 sports store in UK, which includes the Sports World, Gilesports and the Lillywhites. It also took over the famous JJB Sports in the United Kingdom and also held talk with the Matalan founder for having 25% stakes in the retail business and making larger stores for operating of Sports goods. Some of the key points of this company are:-

  • There are more than 20,000 employees which are working with his company.
  • This store has its branches in Belgium, Ireland and Slovenia.
  • The company was also involved in buying some of the major brands which were related to different sports goods and it also helped in its development. The brands were Donnay, Karrimor which is an outdoor gear manufacturer company, Dunlop Slazenger, the boxing brand Lonsdale and signed a long-term deal with the brand of Umbro.
  • This sports goods company has also taken its stakes in the number of companies like the Blacks Leisure Group in which it has stake of 29.4%. 19% of stake was taken in JD Sports and it is also talking with the JJB Sports which is Britain’s largest sportswear retailers.

Other Related Key Features

Michael Ashley is not only the owner of the largest sports good retail company, which has made a mark of whooping assets ranging in billions but the entrepreneur is also the owner of the Premier League club of soccer which is Newcastle. This is also one of the famous soccer clubs of the United Kingdom and even the reports followed about holding the stake in the Scottish club namely Rangers F.C. which is also one of the renowned clubs. It is also reported that the entrepreneur also has the big mansions and houses in his own name and his wife’s name in the London and much more.

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