Organo Green Tea is the New Green Tea in Town!

Green Tea has become one of the most revolutionary and popular drink next to water, consumed by a lot of people these days following a healthy lifestyle.  While many people have great fondness for Green Tea, including myself, this new type, Organo Green Tea boasts a deep herbal additive which makes it a great beverage to drink.

Organo Green Tea

The herb from which the Organo Green Tea is derived from is known as Ganoderma lucidium which was used in Chinese medicine for a long period of time. Now come to think of it, where we all are aware of the benefits of our most favorite beverage of all times, Green tea, can you imagine what great health benefits it would consume once it gets infused with this special herb? For that, we need to dive into the Lucidum a bit.

One might wonder this herb is a mushroom, how strange would it taste like? Here’s the answer!

You shouldn’t worry about the taste of Ganoderma mushroom because Organo Green Tea doesn’t smell of mushroom. Reason: Because it’s completely tasteless and the entire flavor of the healthy beverage remains intact.

Isn’t that great?

For all you know, you can still be drinking the same green tea you love with all the additional health benefits of the Gonoderma lucidium without having to sacrifice your taste for health. The flavor and taste of the Gonoderma Green tea will be the same as you expect it to be not stingy or harsh aftertaste. What more can you want, a beverage full of health benefits and has good value for money. Ain’t a bad bargain at all!

Benefits of Gonoderma Green Tea

The mushroom has long been used in Chinese medicine and has been regarded of great value culminating many health benefits. We all know the benefits of Green tea and what great wonders this drink alone possess. Gonederma herb when combined with Green tea stems major health benefits with scientific evidence backing these statements. The benefits of Organo Green Tea are listed below:

  • Increased oxygenation of blood
  • Improved cardiovascular activity
  • Supporting longevity and overall immunity
  • Increased metabolism
  • Stamina and endurance booster
  • Detoxifying agent
  • Skin and Muscle toning

These are actual proven health benefits that this wonderful super-beverage holds.

What’s the Verdict?

I don’t know about others but I can speak for myself that by taking three cups of Organo Green Tea a day, I feel better and active which gives me a positive disposition throughout the day. The antioxidants of Green Tea combined with wonders of Lucidium, has given my body a boost that I can never think letting go of!

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