Online Magic Free 8 Ball Game

Who doesn’t love a good retro game? Remember back when you were just a kid growing up in the 90s? You were eating Fruit Rollups, wearing a Tye-Dye T-shirt and playing with a black plastic Mattel Magic 8 Ball. Or at least you were playing with the Magic Eight Ball until it broke, the predictions not rising up and surfacing properly in the strange liquid inside anymore. As they say, “Reply hazy, try again!”



Free Online Magic 8 Ball Game

Lucky for you, you can now play the Magic 8 Ball game online for free! Yup, you no longer have to haul around that big hunk of black plastic to get your accurate psychic predictions. The website LEGOMENON has created a fun and easy to use (not to mention mobile-friendly) Magic 8 Ball that lets you ask your favorite know-it-all virtual billiard ball oracle yes or no questions about your future. Hope you like the answers you receive!

Magic 8 Ball Game Review

There are other Magic 8 Ball Games available online, but this version is the best one we’ve seen yet. While some clunky online 8 balls look they were designed in the 90s, the LEGOMENON Eight Ball is retro but simple and modern in all the right ways. Instead of reloading the page after every prediction like most online versions of the game do, this Magic 8 Ball allows you to continue to play without a refresh, resulting in what the game makers call “rapid-fire psychic predictions.”

The LEGOMENON Magic 8 Ball appears to display a prediction at random, but the website boasts that this Magic 8 Ball offers the most “accurate” answers. Isn’t it interesting that so many people are fascinated by any kind of fortune-telling device, even something as silly as a toy pool ball? While it may seem funny asking an Eight Ball with supposedly special powers for answers about your future, but the diehard realists around here wonder if going to a fortune teller or looking into a crystal ball will offer much more valid insight.

A Magic Eight Ball with Accurate Answers

Magic 8 Ball Hacks are all the rage online these days, with ways you can crack open the ball and plug your own funny predictions and pithy sayings into the original Mattel machine. Do a quick Google search and you’ll find loads of information on how this can be accomplished. However, if you’re not into all the DIY shenanigans and you are just looking for a classic, fun version of the 90s retro kid’s game, this online Magic 8 Ball will provide you with an escape from boredom with hours of time-wasting fun. The predictions of the original Magic 8 Ball are funny enough!

PS Fun fact: Did you know that the original idea for the Magic Eight Ball came from a 3 Stooges movie? You could always double up on the fun and watch it on Netflix while playing the online Magic 8 Ball!

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