How Do Online Learners Fare in the Workplace?

There seems to be a common misconception about online learning such as getting your online RN to BSN degree that many people erroneously believe is easier than in a traditional classroom setting. This is not the case at all so that should dispel at least one worry that online learners may not fare well in the workplace! Actually, there are times when getting that online nursing degree, as noted above, may be even more difficult than in a traditional classroom simply because of a very limited teacher/student amount of interaction. So if you really want to question how online learners fare in the workplace, it’s probably a good idea to see just why they are studying online and if maybe that’s even the best option for them as professionals in the healthcare industry.

Already Working within the Profession

One of the things to be considered is why that student is studying online. Could it be that they are already working in the field and simply want to further their degree? If so, you can see they are already doing well at work but are simply looking to advance their career. Someone who didn’t fare well in the workplace certainly wouldn’t be going to all the time and expense to further their studies if they didn’t think they could climb the ladder to a better paying position.

A Family at Home and Little Time

Another reason why so many people study online is because they have a family at home and as a result, can’t just drop everything to run to class. Studying online means you can almost always pick and choose your own hours which is ideal for moms and dads with children at home and perhaps even a day job to go to. The flexibility offered is one of the most attractive features of an online RN to BSN degree, for instance, that it is sometimes listed as the number one reason to choose distance education.

Studying Online Means Extended Research in Some Cases

Then there are those who are frustrated with a classroom setting because others don’t seem to be able to keep up with them and so they get bored waiting for the professor to move on. If you are going to be studying online you can go at your own pace, which in your case is at the speed of light and you can research even the tiniest of things that strike your fancy. This is something that is difficult to do when you are in a group of people who are just looking to get that online nursing degree because they need a career, not because they are passionate about what they do.
So are those who study online at a disadvantage in the workplace? Usually the answer is no but of course there are always exceptions to the rule. Typically, those who take the initiative to study online to excel in the nursing profession are the ones who really want to go somewhere with their jobs and will fare better in the workplace as a result of their efforts.

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