It’s a Monday afternoon and you’re driving down the 101. You peak in your rearview mirror and notice a cop pulling you over. Congratulations on being a lucky winner of your very own traffic ticket.

Traffic tickets are life’s reminders that you’re a reckless driver or you do not know the 2018 new laws for California drivers.

The fines vary from ticket to ticket, but you could face payments up to $500 or, potentially, more in some cases. That’s the cost for driving over the speed limit.

The repercussions don’t end there either.

You’ll gain a strike on your driving record and your insurance rates will increase.

Good thing you keep up to date with how to dismiss that California traffic ticket.


If only there was a way to prove you’re a safe driver and willing to act to correct your mistakes. Well, signing up for traffic school online is your ticket (pun intended). is a fun way to spend your traffic school experience, and they make it easy for you show how much you’ve learned.

Taking traffic school online may help you reduce the accumulated fine of your traffic and as long as you are eligible to take the course, it will prevent points from going on your driving record.

Aside from helping you with the obvious, online traffic school is a fun way to learn the material that makes you a safe and secure driver.

If you don’t want to sign up for traffic school, and you think you didn’t deserve the ticket, you could always…


You’ve seen the movie 12 Angry Men. You know exactly how courtrooms work.

Well, if you think you have the gusto and wit, a riskier step to getting that traffic ticket dismissed is taking it to court. If successful in proving to the court that you are undeserving of the traffic ticket, the court will dismiss the ticket.

Of course, this will result in a load of other charges, such as a traffic ticket attorney and court fees. There’s also the possibility you would lose the case, the ticket will remain on your record, your insurance will take a hit, and you’ll have to pay the court fines.

So, if money and your insurance record mean nothing to you (and you’re dying to play out that courtroom fantasy of yours) then consider this to be a fun and careless idea.

But, if you’re trying to forget this ever happened…


You could pay the fine and be done with it. Of course, this will mean you’re throwing away cash that could have been spent more wisely.

Which brings us back to the first recommended step:

Taking a traffic school online.

This option will result in a positive reflection of your character and may lead to a decreased fine payment.

You’re already on the website, so why not mosey over and find out how you can sign up for traffic school online right now?

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