how often to visit the dentist

Like it or not, visiting the dentist routinely is very important for your dental health. But not everyone does. Whether through ignorance or fear a high percentage of adults do not go to the dentist much as it should. So how often to visit the dentist? Visit the dental clinic at least once a year is the best preventive measure you can take to keep your mouth healthy. You must know that in these visits not only professional cleaning of your teeth are made, but also inspect your mouth for caries, periodontal disease or any other more dangerous condition.

And it is that periodontal disease or oral cancer are problems that simply cannot be ignored. People who smoke or drink alcohol are at greater risk in this regard, but also those patients who have a higher genetic predisposition.


Frequency of visits to the dentist

You must go to the dentist at least once a year.

People exposed to a higher risk, should go twice a year, or even more.

Depending on the type of problem that you suffer, visits should be more frequent.

Most dental problems do not cause any problems until they are at an advanced stage.

If you’re relatively healthy and do not have a bad genetic history, simply stop by the dental clinic once a year (as long as they do not detect any problems before). Perform these visits is the key to maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth. The dentist will use to give you some tips on what to fix and this can be a total change in your oral health.

People who smoke, suffer from diabetes or have had periodontal disease, should visit the dentist more often. The same applies to pregnant women. For these patients, the risk of developing oral problems is much higher. And for this reason, they should go to the dental clinic every 4 months or as soon as directed by your dentist. We recommend that you do not skip any visit and do not hesitate to tell your dentist any changes you’ve noticed in your teeth or gums.

As with everything, the dental health of people can change. Stress or other factors can worsen the situation of your teeth and damage usually shows no signs until it is too late. Therefore, the preventive care is the key to staying healthy, save pain, invasive treatments and also money.

Is it advisable to visit the dentist regularly?

Yes, we recommend visiting the dentist regularly. This numerous unpleasant avoid problems later.

In this issue of dental care is paid for sixty what has not been done fifty. Therefore, it is important to acquire the habit of visiting the dentist at least once a year, and better from an early age.

However, only a minority choose to visit the dentist annually. It may also happen that the dentist asks you to go more often. As knows his teeth, he will know whether, for example, you have a higher risk of tooth decay or gum and weaker cases in which the review should be more frequent.

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