Office moving checklist: You can’t forget

Relocating an office is a major undertaking for any company, inconsiderate of the size, whether a large MNC or a startup. The moving process requires complete management and hassle-free transportation services, requiring efficient vehicles and trained professionals. The large amount of company budget that needs to be efficiently allocated to all the departments requires high level of expertise and management,  therefore the checklist below needs to be considered when you are shifting to a new office :

  • Make a timetable

The first step to a well managed and planned moving out process is, making a timetable. A well-designed timetable will include all the essential aspects that need to be carried out, when, where and how. Each task needs to be assigned a starting and an end date keeping in mind the strict deadlines that need to be followed religiously.

Timetable components :

  1. Coordination between old and new lease policies.
  2. When should you move out?
  3. Reviewing of Timescales with the suppliers.
  4. Allot time for discussion with property agents, advocates etc.
  5. Assigning deadlines for every task.
  • Set up a moving Team

After setting up a timetable, it is time for you to set up a moving team which will work from concept to completion. This team of managers will look after the complete management of the shifting process and ensure all the items are safely delivered to your office.

How to set up a move team?

  1. Choose a Team leader, and make him the incharge of the project.
  2. Pick one efficient member from each department of your office and make them responsible for their items.
  3. Set up a meeting, as and when required.
  4. Keep your office staff in line and keep them informed about the moving process.
  • Take help of a commercial moving company.

Look around for a commercial moving company in your city and get away with the trouble of managing everything by yourself. Commercial movers will ensure complete safety and on-time delivery of your equipment, furniture, computers, laptops etc. All the fragile items will be bubble wrapped and safely delivered to your new workplace. Blake & Sons moving and storage company is one of the reliable options you can consider.

How will the commercial movers help?

  1. Well-managed moving process
  2. Good Standards of delivery
  3. Trusted and genuine movers
  4. Safe handling of Items
  5. Good furniture handling
  6. On-time delivery
  • Office Furniture

When spending a huge amount on the furniture transportation, make sure if you are willing to use the old furniture or not. Just in case you are planning to give your office a new look after you have moved in, calculate the approximate cost that would be feasible keeping the company budget in line.

  1.  Make a datasheet for the delivery of furniture.
  2.  Calculate the cost of new office furniture sets
  3.  Decide what needs to be done with the old, unwanted furniture
  4.  Decide if you are renting or taking the furniture on a lease.
  • Wires and Connections

When moving in your new office, ensure that there is a power backup, flow of electricity, proper internet connection and wiring. Make sure your management team has a plan B in case of fault wires, in the starting days.

Carry out a thorough survey on what needs to be planted in the workplace and what will be utilised from the old premises.

Check for :

  1. Wifi Connection
  2. Electricity
  3. LAN wires
  4. Laptops
  • Storage facility

Every office needs an inventory or a storage space, make sure the new office has an underground spacing or a storeroom for archived files, unwanted furniture, scrap etc.

Why consider an office with storage?

  1. File storage
  2. Unwanted scrap
  3. Old office furniture
  4. A.C containers

Now moving out of your old office and relocating yourself to a new place is not at all a daunting task, all you need to do is contact a trusted residential and commercial movers in Virginia and get a quick and hassle-free transport of all your office furniture, Computers etc. Consider the points listed above and make sure you cross check with our checklist when planning to move in to your new office.

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