A Nose for Product Hunting

Blake Rubin is a kind of a hound dog. Indeed, he is actually a bloodhound when it comes to finding the perfect, sweetest real estate deal. His hunting skills were honed to a fine point at an early age, thanks to both of his parents being real estate experts. Real estate development has now become a true family passion, with both Blake and his brother Chase getting in on the action as well. Every step of the real estate development process fascinates and intrigues Blake and he likes to be present from the start of a project to the ultimate finish line.

Yes, Real Estate is Actually a Productreal estate

Many would usually not think of real estate as a product that can be “hunted”, but Blake Rubin would tell you otherwise. Everybody has his or her idea of what is a great real estate deal, and Blake Rubin makes it his highest priority to find it. He would utilize his long years of both growing up in Philadelphia and traveling all over the United States to visit various cities to find and deliver this most coveted product. As each city has its own unique culture, it is imperative that a real estate developer fully understands what makes the city’s real estate market tick in order to find the best deal for his client.

Blake Rubin’s Integrated Approach to Real Estate Development

Blake Rubin began his path to becoming a real estate product hunter by double majoring in Architecture and Art History, with a minor in Urban Planning. Growing up in Philadelphia, Blake Rubin also participated in many different internship programs with various community groups that focus on keeping his beloved city sustainable and affordable, especially for middle and lower income families who are hunting for a place they can truly call their own home. An eternally curious student, Blake Rubin is currently also pursuing a Masters Degree in order to prepare himself to establish his own non-government organization that aims to help the middle and lower income families on their own product hunting endeavor. Additionally, Blake Rubin also believes in giving back to the community. He has donated both his time and money to various philanthropic projects.


Efficient Tips to Become a Productive Product Hunter

Over the course of many years, Blake Rubin has amassed massive knowledge and experience that help him to become a productive product hunter in the real estate development market. As mentioned above, Blake Rubin is a constant traveler who constantly researches a city’s real estate culture and market. It also helps that Blake Rubin an outgoing, open and friendly people-person, because networking is also crucial in order to meet the right people and thus receive the right information for a product-hunting project. This is because no matter how much information and experience one has, there is always at least one other person who can still blow your mind. Blake Rubin also has an interest in basketball and street art, two things that can get anybody talking in any situation. Connecting and communicating with the people around him contributes to keeping his product hunting skills sharp.

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