Nine Mattress Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Buying a mattress is a pretty big investment. It is something that you will be spending about a third of your life on. Because it costs a significant amount of money, we understand if this task could be scary for some people. For that reason, some people even forego it until their mattress is already at its worst.

At one point in your life, you will be ‘forced’ to buy a mattress. It’s inevitable – all part of being an independent adult. So instead of running away from that responsibility, why not arm yourself with proper information and face the challenge head-on?

There are numerous mattress options for you. The real task is not only in finding the right one, but also avoiding the pitfalls that come with mattress-shopping. You should be careful in your purchases and not make one of these common mistakes.

We hope that this list will help you avoid the common pitfalls that plague mattress buyers. Be a wise shopper. Take all of these things into consideration when buying your very own mattress. This is especially true if it is your first time to do so.

Mistake #1:  Thinking that firmer is always better

The first mistake people commonly make is thinking “the firmer, the better.” This is not always the case, as this is merely a misconception. Here are a few reasons why you should forego a stiffer mattress:

  • It can cause a painful pressure buildup on your joints. This also goes for your hips, shoulders, and back.
  • A stiffer mattress does not conform to you. A harder mattress will not adjust accordingly to the natural curves present on your body.
  • Your sleeping position is an important factor in selecting the firmness or softness of a mattress. For some, it may be more comfortable to go with a much softer purchase.

Mistake #2:  Thinking that comfort is King

Similar to buying based on firmness, other people buy a mattress just because it is comfortable. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable while sleeping. However, there are some who do not consider other mattress features. They only focus on this one aspect.

Remember that you will only test out mattresses for a couple of minutes at a time. You will not get the full experience until you end up taking it home with you. Cheaply made mattresses can still feel comfortable for this short period of time. Be sure to look at what materials your potential purchase is made of. Also, do not be afraid to ask too many questions from the staff at the store. They will be glad to help you make your purchase.

Mistake #3:  Making the decision to buy solely because of the price tag

Another common mistake, especially for first-time buyers, is letting price tag rule a purchase. Sure, saving money is great, but a mattress is an investment. You may have saved a couple hundred dollars, but will the discomfort be worth it? Likewise, a much cheaper price tag does not always mean a mattress is of lesser quality.

Similarly, the most expensive mattresses in the world are not always the perfect fit. People may save for state of the art purchases, that will have them tossing and turning. However, there are times where splashing the cash proves to be worth it for mattress purchases. Big name brands are not always the best purchases either.

Mistake #4:  Not Waiting for Sales

Fourth is pulling the trigger too early and not waiting for sales and discounts. Mattresses are a big purchase both in terms of size and price tag. It would be wise to wait for price reductions, as this could lead to absolute steals.

However, you should not be suckered into these big sales either. Some stores may offer you too good to be true deals. This is so they could get rid of any unwanted inventory they may have. It is possible that they cannot sell because the product is of poor quality.

Mistake #5:  Not testing it out

Fifth is not testing out potential purchases. A mattress may look comfortable, but it is a completely different experience actually laying on it. Manufacturers may tell you that their product is “clinically-tested” or “orthopedic,” which is simply not true.

It would be ideal if you try each potential mattress out for 10 to 15 minutes. If you are buying with your partner, make sure that they can try it out with you. This will ensure that both of you get a good night of rest with your purchase. Do not buy a mattress that will conform to the needs of just one person if this is the case.

Mistake #6:  Not spending your time wisely

On the other hand, do not try out every mattress in the store. This could potentially make the whole experience overwhelming and even more difficult than need be. Likewise, you should not visit every store in your vicinity. More often than not, stores stock the same products. Save some time and just visit a couple of stores.

Mistake #7:  Not doing your homework

Another mistake would be not doing research beforehand. It would be helpful to ask friends and relatives which mattresses they recommend. It would also help to take note of comfortable mattresses you have slept on. This could be in hotels or in other people’s homes. We would also recommend taking the advice of the people staffing the mattress store.

Mistake #8:  Buying Solely from Word of Mouth

Most people make their decision based on other people’s opinion. While this is not entirely wrong, it isn’t entirely right either. The best practice is to make other people’s recommendations as a guide for you to make an informed choice.

You should never solely make a purchase based on what other people have said. While online reviews are helpful, they may also be saturated. Reviews of products may look good because bad feedback has been undermined by lots of good. It is important to look at even the slightest drawbacks, as this may have large effects on your sleep. Like what was said earlier, you should always take a potential purchase on a “test drive.”

You have heard it before: “different strokes for different folks.” This is absolutely true. Your friend’s choice does not have to be yours, too. You both have different needs. Know what’s yours and make a choice based on that.

Mistake #9:  Falling for Buzzwords

Recently, mattress manufacturers have been using a lot of buzzwords to try and promote their products. One of the most common is “coil count.” They say that the more coils your mattress have, the more comfortable it will be. In turn, this will give you a better night’s sleep. Do not fall for this trap.

The amount of coils in a mattress does play a slight factor in how comfortable it is. However, this should not be your primary consideration in such a big purchase. There is more to coils than just the number of them in a given mattress. One should also check out the type of material the coils are made out of. Consideration should also be given to the thickness and amount of wiring in these coils.

The bottom line is…

These shopping mistakes are avoidable. Now that you know what to look out for, mattress-shopping has been made a lot easier for you. Remember this:  it’s your mattress. Ultimately, it’s your choice.

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