What Next Fans Wants to see in clash of clans?

Updates in clash of clans will never come on an unstoppable point. But what else are those things which fans of this game wants to see in this most interesting game? Below we will share few hints which are given by fans of this game and they want these updates and upgrade to be in this special game next time.  We know that addition of special events like that of Bomb Tower is done now. You might have seen that Town Hall 11 is now available for over a time frame of year. Now fans of this most exciting game are expecting and making predictions that what can be next? Here we will be suggesting some possible changes which fans of this game might love to see as well. But best clash of clans base is th9 farming base.

Fans Need More in Number of Gem Mines

Fans of clash of clans need to have more in number of gem mines now. Though in the May update, makers of this game did make an addition of a Gem mine but that was only restricted to the Builders Base.  Fans are expecting that there should be another Gem mine for regular village. In this manner, likewise attackers steal gold in this game, similarly, they will be able to steal these gems too from Gem mines.

Battles in Home Village

Fans will really love to see a battle right in the home village. Right now, we are having regular amount of attacks and wars in home villages but not a battle scene till now. Addition of versus battles will spice the level of this game. Addition of such battles will let players to earn more money and they will be able to practice more attacks.

Using King or Queen during Attacks

Fans are making this heavy expectation that they want to use King or Queen Heroes during time of war or attacks. King or Queen will be used only as long as players will upgrade their troops and clan. These Kings and Queens can come with no ability. So the maker of this thrilling game which is Supercell, they should make these changes to happen it right now. Supercell has always keep in mind and implemented the creative feedback given to them by their fans, we hope that such changes too will be inducted by them in this game. Here is best cocth9warbasesite.

Addition of a Fourth Hero

We know that in year 2016, Supercell made an addition of a third Hero to this game. No doubt that Grand Warden came out to be a big change-up, that third hero comes with healing properties and was also able to fly. He could easily walk over walls. He had this ability to make any kind of troop in a short period. He was a game-changer no doubt. Now fans are demanding the addition of fourth hero. So can we expect that we are ever going to see a fourth hero in this game? We can believe so!

Let us wait what next Supercell has updates for its fans. You can think of further updates, we can deliver and convey yours expected updates too.

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