New MS Office coming later in 2018

Microsoft is such a big brand. In fact, it is one of the mega-corporations that is currently running the world of IT. The company has built is legacy on a variety of things, chief among them being able to give people what they want at a good price. One of the software that the firm has given us that we can no longer do without is the Office package.

The New Package

The new package from Microsoft is going to be another update to an already fabulous software package. Called MS Office 2019, this package will be available to computer users all over the world in the second half of 2018. Users can expect a lot from the new software. Everything that you love about the current version of Office is about to get better, but you already knew that.

Naturally, you will have to pay some money for the MS Office 2019. The software will work with the latest version Windows. However, as you continue to go back in time, earlier operating systems will not be compatible. In Microsoft tradition, you can expect that support for earlier versions of MS office will end, but that is in a couple of years.

Dominating the World

If you have been watching screens in last year you know that online betting has dominated the world. Everywhere you look there is an advert for online gambling casinos. Microsoft Office is bigger than that!

Even people that do not like the Microsoft OS are using the Office package. That is why there is Office for Mac. And that is how you know that MS Office is bigger than all gambling. As big as the online gambling industry is, all these gamblers go back to their computer to do other things. And if it is office work that needs to be done, MS Office is the most trusted tool for both gamblers and non-gamblers.

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