New Method to Treat Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Developed by Skokie Student

One of the saddest effects of drug and alcohol addiction occurs when a pregnant or new mother is also abusing drugs and alcohol.  This aspect is sometimes overlooked, but the issue can be quite severe for the offspring of the addict.  If a pregnant mother is abusing drugs or alcohol, the fetus can actually be eventually born addicted to drugs and alcohol.  If a new mother breastfeeds while abusing drugs or alcohol, she can actually cause her new born to become addicted to the chemical substances of whatever it was she was taking while also breastfeeding.  This may yet be one of the worst effects of drug and alcohol addiction, as the infant is totally at effect of his or her mother’s actions, obviously having no say at all in the matter.drug rehab Skokie


If a child is born with FAS then eventually they’ll be abusing substances too therefore the first thing to do in order to try and solve their issue would be to sign them up at any drug rehabilitation Chicago or a closer one to their location for example a drug rehab Skokie for treatment. Unfortunately if an individual is born with FAS, it isn’t their fault so it’s more difficult to treat their drug addiction that’s why going to a drug rehab Chicago or in fact any drug rehab Illinois is must since they have the highest success rates compared to any other rehabilitation center.

In lighter news, two Chicago high school students have recently developed a novel treatment method to reduce the negative effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, (FAS), and a new understanding of the various genetics behind the disease as well.  This research is being presented at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, (AAPS), Annual Meeting and Exposition in Chicago, Ill.  More than 8,000 attendees are expected at the largest conference dedicated to the pharmaceutical sciences in the country.  It is hoped that, if this idea is pitched well, that it will be acted upon at least in Chicago, one of the substance abuse capitals of the world.

The Future of Infant Addiction Treatment

The sheer breadth and depth of the research behind these various projects are extensive and extremely impressive to say the least of course.  The research essentially determined a well thought-out and novel way to reduce the negative effects of alcohol on a zebrafish’s development by using a supplement of retinoic acid as a potential FAS treatment.  To take their research even further, Hoffman-Peterson also conducted research in zebrafish embryos.  In this extended project it was discovered that the RALDH2 gene, whose function is closely tied to FAS because alcohol competes for the activity of this gene, can also be supplemented to reduce FAS.

Projects and research plans like this are highly successful and beneficial for those who engage in them.  Ideally, an actual supplement will be created in the near future based off of the findings of these experiments so that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can finally be a long lost and thankfully so thing of the past.  If this can be accomplished, then more attention can be put on the prospect of trying to figure out how to use the same methodologies to treat alcohol addiction in full grown and fully developed alcohol addicts.  All in all, inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, detox facilities, and recovery organizations are the best way to address addiction, but perhaps the future will hold alternatives and more scientific prospects and solutions for those addicted to drugs and alcohol.


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