Do You Need a Tenant Lawyer?

There is no surprise that tenants and landlords have a lot of disagreements. Some of them can be held on the spot, but others may require a legal representative to be present. Luckily, there are special tenant lawyers who can guide you through any disputes that may arise. Before moving forward with a lawyer, you may want to figure out what outcome you can expect.


What Do Tenant Lawyers Do?

The primary function of any professional landlord and tenant board lawyer is to legally represent you in any kind of disputes between you and your landlord. Furthermore, a professional attorney can also review your lease agreement with you in order to make sure that you completely understand and agree with it.

When Do You Need a Tenant Lawyer?

By now you already know or at least get preliminary understanding of what a tenant board lawyer can do for you. So now we will answer the question about the situations in which you may need to hire an expert.

  • When you are moving to a new place and want to make sure that your lease agreement will not screw you up.
  • You have written or said several grievances to your landlord, but he or she continues ignoring you.
  • Your landlord violates your privacy.
  • You are being evicted or your landlord is trying to evict you without any reasons for it.
  • You are suspicious or feel that you do not have to pay your rent.
  • If you have any disputes with the security deposit.
  • You are filled a law suit against by the landlord.

Sometimes you will be able to handle small security deposit disputes on your own in small claims court. But if you are not sure that you understand the process or got confused about everything, it is highly advised to at least get a consultation of a tenant lawyer to understand your further way of actions.

Cost Issues

The most common reason why people are trying to do everything themselves is cost that you anyway need to pay for the lawyer’s services. According to experts from Horlick Levitt di Lella LLP most tenant attorneys will charge you by the hour, however, some of them also use flat rate services just with simple matters like lease reviews. Of course, you should understand that rates will vary depending on your location and needs. And keep in mind that you can always negotiate the rate before signing any papers.

What Can You Expect

A professional tenant lawyer will help resolve any issues and disputes between you as a tenant and your landlord by providing you legal representation or interpreting the lease agreement; he or she can even simply give you several useful legal advice about your next steps in any kind of dispute. If you hire a tenant lawyer not only to review your lease after it is signed, but to construct it for you, then you can feel absolutely comfortable that the agreement your are signing is legally binding and free of any surprises.

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