Nationwide attorney affiliate network devoted to marijuana law

The Marijuana Legal Network is a nationwide attorney affiliate network devoted to marijuana law for business owners. We predominantly focus on two main areas of marijuana law;
1) Providing marijuana businesses such as dispensaries, delivery services, grow operations and infused products manufacturers with ongoing legal counsel and
2) Providing marijuana business start-up and development services to individuals whom are interested in getting started in the marijuana industry by starting a dispensary, delivery service, grow operation; etcetera, but aren’t necessarily sure how to go about doing it the right way.

marijuana law
All of our attorney’s are licensed in the states from which they practice and they all have backgrounds in marijuana law. The Marijuana Legal Network can help individuals make sure they do things legally and in compliance within their state rules and regulations, and can mentor and guide would-be marijuana entrepreneurs through the process of setting up their businesses correctly.
Due to the amount of clients our network signs up, we can offer competitive wholesale pricing that beats the competition. Not only will we provide a licensed attorney as part of our membership package, but we also provide services included in the membership such as phone consultations and document reviews at no additional cost.
Most importantly, attorney’s fees are negotiated in advance in order to give you the highest value possible. You will no longer have to overpay for top tier legal representation from an attorney that is specific to your niche and knows your industry!
The enrollment process is quick and simple and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. We offer free consultations from our network advisors and are members of the Better Business Bureau. Our company strives to provide the best legal services and representation possible at an affordable price and it is our goal to be the “go to” source for marijuana business owners looking for legal guidance and advice.
If you are an existing marijuana business owner operating without an attorney on retainer, you are gambling with your entrepreneurial future. Marijuana still remains illegal on a federal level and is heavily scrutinized on the state level. Dispensaries and other marijuana business continue to get shut down on a daily basis and the risk is far too great to continue operating in that manner.
If you are an individual looking to get involved in this growing billion dollar industry, the Marijuana Legal Network can help! Your first step is going to be solidifying legal representation from a licensed attorney in your state whom has a background in marijuana law. From there you can have a consultation with your attorney and come up with a game plan on how you would like to proceed forward.
Although there are inherent risks involved in the marijuana field, one should not allow that to deter them from getting involved in this booming industry. The top producing dispensary in Washington State had over 13 million dollars in sales since 2014 and their numbers continue to rise.
Those who get involved at the ground level with reap the most rewards from their marijuana businesses; however it’s important to mitigate that risk by hiring proper legal representation.

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