Names and Their Meanings

Every baby has the right to be given a good name. Similarly every parent wants the name of his baby to be beautiful, unique and having a good meaning. No matter what the religion is, every name has a meaning. Some names have passed through generations. These were the names that changed the course of the history. Most people want to name their child on the name of famous historical figures for example Alexander. There will be very few in the worlds that are unaware of his name and his accomplishments. So there are those people who want to name their children on the people who conquered the world like Caesar. Men are inspired by strength and bravery so boys are named after brave men whereas women are inspired by beauty. So Girls are named that exhibit beauty. Names like Laiba, Jemima and Anushri are popular for girls.


Names of the prophets are also very popular in the world. For example Jacob, Isaac, Moses, Adam, Christ, Muhammad are very popular among their respective followers. Prophets are the messengers of God who are sent to earth to preach humans a way of life; a way of life where humans can co-exist with peace and harmony. Worship of God is a part of all religions but basically most part of teachings of any religion is aimed at bringing peace in the society. The teachings are preached by prophets. So their life is idealized by the followers. The followers then name their children in the name of the prophets they love.

Then there are people who want to name their children after celebrities. Celebrities can belong to any field but showbiz celebrities are commonly followed in the world nowadays for example Britney, Jennifer, Tom and Michael etc. Famous scientists are also followed who made a significant impact in our lives by their inventions and discoveries like Edison, Fleming, Armstrong, Tesla, Einstein and Newton. Often genius persons are named Einstein or Newton by their friends. Leaders are also followed even controversial ones. Lincoln, Mao, Churchill, Diana, Jinnah, Gandhi, Khomeini and Gorbachev are very popular in the respective regions. Even at his peak, though controversial Saddam Husain was name was popular in the countries that supported his ideologies.

Sports celebs are also very popular. Their names are remembered for many years even centuries. It started off with Gladiators who entertained audiences in ancient Roman Republic with violent confrontations with other gladiators and animals. Olympics that started from Greece are also popular sporting events in the world; even now. People who win their games are remembered for long with their names and records. In modern era, World Cups of respective games are also popular games. People who performance is exceptional in any game are famous throughout the world. The best part is even you don’t love the game but due to newspapers and electronic media great sportsman names are familiar in most parts of the world. For example Maradona, Messi, Ronaldo, Tendulkar, Schumacher, Jahangir Khan and Bradman who is not familiar with their names.

Religion is by far the most dominating factor in naming children. People follow religion; they love their religion and fight for it. So they chose names for their children which have good religious meanings and importance. Prokarla lists some good Christian name with their meanings. PakTangle has some popular girls and boys names with their historical significance. Hindunames has Hindu names with meaning for girls and boys. Babynames has Jewish names lists.

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