Murphy Ben International

Known for their contribution to many industries, Murphy Ben international is an African based company that strives towards awareness of African culture. The company is presently the largest YouTube partner functioning out of Africa, is the parent company of Aforevo (Africa Online Revolution), and the owner of three other websites. They specialize in African entertainment and African artistry all while staying virtual after realizing that the Internet was quickly being integrated in Africa. Murphy Ben international has also shown interest in multiple other e-businesses such as (an e-learning website), and (a web development company).

Murphy Ben International

The three websites that Murphy Ben international owns include the following:,, and  The first company is an online shopping website that offers a variety of products from home appliances and gadgets, to clothing or electronics. The second website owned by Murphy Ben international specializes all household supplies, electronics and fashion wear. Their slogan is “Strictly Authentic Brands”. Lastly, Aforevo Movies is the main contributor to Murphy Ben international’s mission of African culture awareness. The movie website only offers African movies, African short movies, and African documentaries. They web service guarantees “the very best of African cinema and entertainment” with over a thousand movies available to subscribers in English, French, and over 5 local languages. Constantly expanding, Aforevo Movies is offering new movies weekly and soon more languages to attract a bigger audience.

Murphy Ben international is largely implemented in the betterment of the image of African culture. While being involved in multiple industries, the company promotes equality and love through their slogan “I Am Wonderfully Made”. By being an active contributor to their local communities, the company is drawing a lot of positive attention not only to themselves, but rather their partners and smaller company branch offs. The positive attention is resulting in quick growth for the company and African culture.

Murphy Ben International, based in Nigeria has learned quite a bit being in business as long as they have. One important lesson they have learned is to always monitor the market for any changes and up and coming trends. This way they will be able to add new lines in their current service offering.

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