How much unique your article content must be?

There is not a second thought about this. Only those can think of who are probably crook minded and intend to utilize illegal ways as shortcuts. But wait a minute. We don’t have the second face of the reality. Let’s dive a little deeper to understand what SEs are looking for and what actually uniqueness meant by?

Anyways, there is one thing that is a little bitter in my viewpoint but the reality is thousands of websites are getting online with every passing day. On an average website, around 20 to 70 articles are uploaded on daily basis. So, you can calculate this mega quantity of ever increasing content either in the shape of articles, blogs and /or webpages content. So, what happens is, sometimes original writings match with previously available content on the internet up to some extent. But it doesn’t matter if few of the bits resemble and SEs know it.


Article content Must Be Unique ?

Another thing is that you might be working on a heavy duty article that is purely yours. Now you want to add few valued bits and pieces from New York Times, or Wikipedia and / or from Wall Street Journal, so there is no issue as long as you tell SEs that you have taken this information from a specific reference. So, it really doesn’t matter.

So, what is your idea having a News website? Would you like or would be able to keep all of your content unique? You must be kidding, aren’t you? OK. So, this one is another scenario where SEs have their own set of rules to block or ban some contents.

Coming to the real issue let’s assume you take an article from an online resource and then just go ahead and spin it and upload this trash on the internet under your name. Let me tell you one thing real quick and straightforward, I won’t ever think this is going to increase any value to the internet. Do you? You just uploaded a same thing that was already on the internet. You just increased words but not value. So, what exactly Google is chasing for? Google wants to filter out all such activities which don’t provide value instead of unique content. Though that’s also the case right now but the fact is, Google requires valued content that should be unique and deliver information. Check plagiarism before you publish any post on your website.

So, my stance is do whatever you want to but with honesty and will win your war against all set rules and eventually you will not only be trusted but gain respect as well.

Check On Page SEO of Your Website:

If we talk about SEO and try to sum up the types of SEO that are utilized. We simply conclude that there are only two types of SEO techniques applied world over.

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

Let’s try to elaborate both of these just by having a quick overview.

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