Most Common Engine Problems

Engine failure is one of the worst nightmares for car owners. The trouble will be more alarming when the engine knocks or spoils completely, that’s the reason you need constant service for your cars.

The engine is the heart of the car and it makes the car function properly. It’s very difficult to find the fault of the engine when it is damaged. Below I will give a few possible common problems that could have affected your engine.

Some can be repaired very well, while others could have fatal problems that would require a new engine. Engine replacement tutorial here.

  1. Engine coolant leakage

This is a very common problem In engines that are caused by overheating. It can be noticed if the coolant gets low continually after filling. To this effect, we would say the engine is suffering from coolant leakage.

High temperature is also another cause of coolant leakage. This problem can be prevented by constant cleaning of the cooling system, make it free of dirt and deposits, so it would be in a better temperature or condition.

  1. Old spark plug

Spark plugs give you problems when it is aged and worn out. It is prevalent in older vehicles.

Apart from that, it is very important to the engine, it ignites compressed fuel in the engine of your car.

Old plugs would not be able to ignite the compressed fuel in the engine. It will cause a lot of damage through misfiring and weak sparks. If not well properly tackled, it would lead to severe damage to your engine. So, always change your plugs at least twice in four years.

  1. Inadequate lubrication

Feeding your engine with adequate oil is important for a good performance of the car. Oil reduces the effect of friction and lowers overheating which causes the engine to seize up at bad times.

My advice to you is to constantly service your car and at the same time, adequate oil should be applied. There should be a consistent change of oils, lack of lubrication can lead to leakage and burns. In other words, there should be a right balance of the application of oil in the engine.

  1. Bad oil

Oil is called bad when it is both dirty and aged. This dirt and debris could affect the plug and other parts of the engine like the chambers and valves that would damage a part in the process.

This issue can be solved by filtering your oil to remove debris before applying it in the engine. Aged oil is also bad to the engine as it would affect it in a bad manner and cause a malfunction in the engine.

  1. Improper air and fuel mixture

There are cases where the air and fuel mixture is mixed inappropriately. The effect of this is disastrous and must be prevented. The possibility of air to be higher Is when there is a leakage of a hole in the valve seal and cylinders. It could be too low when there is a problem with the air intake channel.

This is the same for fuel, the fuel and gas in the engine should be balanced at all times. The best way to solve this kind of problem is to prevent it totally.

  1. Faulty oxygen sensor

A faulty oxygen sensor is bad for your engine as it could cause serious problems when driving.

As you know, an oxygen sensor shows the quantity of gas and fuel that is left in the tank so we would know when to visit the gas or fuel station. So, if the sensor has a problem, you would then be misinformed or not informed at all on how much gas is left.

This problem leads to wastage of money and there’s a possibility of an accident when you do not fill your tank at the right time and right place. It is recommended you check every part of your car and engine properly before commencing on any journey to know what is faulty and needs repair.

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