Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Cheap Hotels in Melbourne

There are various mistakes that can be made when it comes to planning a holiday, and a lot of those mistakes have to do with accommodation. Booking a trip can be exciting, causing many to book hotels without a lot of thought. Unfortunately, this often leads to frustration and disappointment when you realise you’ve spent too much money or you’re not exactly happy with the hotel you ended up with. Before you go ahead and book, have a think about these things and conduct a planned search for cheap hotels in Melbourne.

Don’t Limit Your Search

The surest way to find good deals on cheap hotels in Melbourne is by keeping an eye out for any upcoming offers or packages. This might seem like an obvious measure to take, but you’ll be surprised at the various ways you could make sure you’re the first to know about deals. Follow social media channels, sign up to mailing lists and subscribe to newsletters so that you can have any deals directly sent to you.

Don’t be Charged for Cancelling

It’s a smart move to make sure you’ve booked somewhere that won’t charge you if you decide to cancel. Annoying and costly, if you book in somewhere and decide you don’t want it later, some cheap hotels in Melbourne will charge a cancellation fee. Avoid this by always checking that there isn’t a cancellation fee connected to the booking.

Don’t Book without Doing Your Research

The best way to avoid making a mistake with your booking is by making sure you’ve done a proper investigation of the hotel you’re committing to. This will eliminate the chance of booking something that you don’t end up wanting. Look into the facilities on offer, see what type of rooms you can choose from and check whether it’s located where you want it to be. Turning up to a horrible hotel room is a terrible travel experience and can be easily avoided with careful research and consideration.

Don’t Take the First Price

Sometimes an offer is so good that you’ll immediately book it without looking elsewhere to see if you’re getting the best value. It’s incredibly frustrating to book a hotel and then find out there are other cheaper and potentially better options.

Do a quick price check to ensure you’re getting the best deal. You should also jot down the prices of competitor hotels and list their pros and cons. This will ensure that you aren’t only finding cheap hotels in Melbourne but also hotels with great facilities.

Don’t Assume Hotels are the Cheapest Option

People instantly think of cheap hotels when they think about travelling on a budget, but there are other options that might suit your needs and desires far better. Serviced apartments are a great way to feel comfortable, stay close to the city, and pay a low cost for furniture, a kitchen area and extra privacy. They also offer much more space than hotels, making them ideal for longer term stays.

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