Military clock vs. the conventional clock

It is said that time is money. Time is like a precious gem if you will lose it you won’t get it back.

As said by the wise men that spend time in doing some useful work and do not waste a second because time is irreversible. To know the time clocks were made.

However, the function of every clock is same but there comes a difference in accuracy. The traditional clock might not be very accurate. On the other hand the military clocks tell the time precisely.

Military clock

Military time is divided into 24 hours, unlike the conventional clock which is only divided into 12 hours. Military time is not only used by the armed forces by it is usually seen in hospitals and law enforcement agencies where time is money and even if you are one second late it might cause destruction on huge level.

A military clock does not tell time in the usual manner rather it is quite different. Suppose in conventional terms when it’s midnight at 12:00am, then in military time it is 0000hrs. Similarly 1 am will be 0100hrs.

 How to check time on military clock

To check time on such clock is not difficult, but it requires a little practice.

 Start time

The basic step is to understand that the military time starts from 12 midnight and it will be called as Zero hundred hours and it will be written as 0000 hours. The time is not separated by any colon. Suppose if its 7:00 am then it will be written as 0700hrs.

 Learn to write Military Time

If you are new at it, then note down the timings in military terms. Keep the paper with you all the time and compare the timings with the traditional clock timings. In this way you will learn quickly.

Difference between noon and midnight timings

There is a difference between the noon timings and midnight timings. In military clock 5:00 am will be written as 0500 hours and 5:00 pm will be written as 1700 hours.

Learn to speak

Military timings are pronounced differently as well. Suppose 0300 hours will be pronounced as Zero Three hundred Hours in military time, whereas 2200 hours will be pronounced as twenty two hundred hours. It is important to say zero before the digits and the alphabet “O” is rarely used in military timings.

Hours and minutes

If the last number is zero, then it is usually skipped. Suppose the time is 0150 then the last zero is skipped and it will be pronounced as Zero One Fifty. If the zero is before any number then it is not skipped like 0005 it will become Zero Zero Zero Five. These mentioned steps are not difficult, but before following military clock practice the timings on the traditional clock.

This requires a lot of practice, but when you have learned all the steps, then you will become professional. In military training the time is very precious that is why conventional clocks are less preferable and instead military time is preferred. You can always use a military time chart when you need some practice first.

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