Microsoft Edge is Bizarrely Crashing

If Microsoft Edge browser is crashing in your Windows 10, follow these steps to stop this madness.

Fix Issues in Registry

Your computer may be acting weird due to corruption in Windows Registry. The best way to alleviate stress from browser crashing is to repair registry through some efficient Windows tool such as RegInOut. Download it here: Fix Edge Crashing.

Fix Edge Crashing

Configure Browser Settings using PowerShell

Set the development mode disabled using Windows PowerShell utility in Windows 10. Make sure the browser isn’t open while executing the command given below.

  • Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Delete Internet History

The process of deleting your Internet history releases system resources, removes corrupted content and the record of recently visited websites & pages. Choose to delete your Internet websites history from Hub > History.

Empty the Cache

Internet cache is where copies of most frequently visited websites are stored, in an attempt to make your browsing experience faster and smoother. Microsoft Edge is bizarrely crashing because the cache is corrupted.

Go to More Actions from the browser settings, and then choose to delete browsing history, cookies and saved website data, cached data and files, download history, form data and passwords.

Restore Default Configurations

After opening up Internet Properties dialog using inetcpl.cpl command, restore the advanced settings from Advanced tab.

Regularly Update Windows

Windows 10 itself performs periodic updates to obtain new patches. Get new updates from the Microsoft Download Center or using Windows Update utility. (Settings > Update & Security)

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