Metronidazole for the Treatment of Vaginal Infection for Better Sexual Health

Sexually transmitted diseases are always concerning, and they need to be treated at the early stages otherwise they can turn into severe problems. For different sorts of sexually transmitted diseases, different medications are suggested. If there is a bacterial or viral infection, antibiotics are suggested. On the other hand, different medicines are available for fungal diseases. Vaginal infections can be a painful experience for women. If a bacterial infection occurs, doctors prescribe Metronidazole in most of the cases. In the following section, we shall learn more about this particular medicine. Learning about it would help you immensely.

Metronidazole – An Antibiotic

Metronidazole can be described as an antibiotic which can be used for the treatment of different kinds of bacterial infections. From stomach infection to infection at sexual organs due to sexually transmitted diseases, it can be used for solving different kinds of problems or physical disorders. Though known to be an effective antibiotic, this medicine is only prescribed for those, who are suffering from bacterial or protozoal infections.  It would not work effectively against viral infections like common cold, flu, etc. Since it is an antibiotic, proper dosage is crucial. Overdose can be harmful, and on the other hand, unnecessary use of this medicine can decrease its effectiveness in future.

How to Consume?

This medicine has to be consumed by attaining valid prescription from doctor or physician. It is not an over the counter medicine. It comes under prescribed medicine category, and thus you should have a valid prescription of a registered as a certified doctor to attain this medicine. It has to be consumed at the dosage as per suggestion of a doctor. Moreover, there are certain norms for consuming it. It should be taken with a full glass of water or milk. This will prevent stomach upset. If not consumed properly, there could be many another side–effects. In fact, side effects are common when you even consume it properly, as per suggestion of doctors. You can get this medicine from authenticating dealers at

Side-effects of Metronidazole

Consumption of Metronidazole has some common as well as rare side-effects. Among the commonest side-effects, you would find dizziness, nausea, losing appetite, constipation, stomach upset, lower abdomen pain, etc. If you are taking this medicine against infection with a sexual organ or vaginal infection, you will notice a few sexual issues. For example, lack of sexual desire can be a common thing. Dizziness could be high, and that may prevail throughout the day. Apart from lack of appetite, loss of taste could also be a side-effect. These effects will prevail until you finish dosage of this medicine.


Before prescribing Metronidazole, doctors would like to check your medical history for consuming antibiotics. If you have allergic reactions to certain antibiotics, doctors would not suggest this medicine. In many cases, patients do not face allergic reactions with Metronidazole, until they consume certain foods or other medicines. It can cause interactions with alcohol containing products. This bacterial antibiotic should not be consumed along with other antibiotics. That would be risky, and both of the antibiotics would lose their effectiveness.

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