For many man with curly hair is really hard to take care of their hair; moreover, it’s hard to keep their hair under control. Fortunatelly, barbers at barber shop nyc have prepared a list of useful tips for men who don’t know how to control their curly mane.

Clinton Street Barber Shop,  NY; 11/03/2014

  1. Appreciate nature’s gift

Do you even realize how lucky you are? Most men would kill for a head full of thick, beautiful curls. They might be difficult to maintain and get into your face all the time, but they are much better than thin, lifeless locks. Moreover, ladies are very attracted to this type of hair, so you’re twice lucky. Appreciate this nature’s gift and treat it with care.

  1. Choose suitable hairstyle

Right hairstyle is of great importance when it comes to curly, coarse hair. Good hairstyle should be free of excessive weight and easy to maintain. Don’t try to save your money on a haircut to avoid regrets in the future. This is really important, so choose barber shops that care about their clients and provide with high-quality services.

  1. Infuse with moisture

Dryness is a very common problem of curly hair, that’s why owners of curls should do their best to hydrate well. Regular conditioning is the best way to keep your curls ultimately moisturized. We recommend buying conditioner at barber shop nyc because you can find high-quality and professional hair products there.

  1. Minimize use of heat

Curls are extremely prone to heat damage and dryness, which imposes some obligations on your hair maintenance. We recommend keeping the use of heated appliances to a minimum to prevent thermal damage. In those cases when you do expose your locks to heat, shield it with product against heat protection.

  1. Fight frizzy problem

Keeping curly hair under control is not easy, especially when you face frizzy problem. Frizz can be caused by the lack of moisture and excessive blow-drying, so keep that in mind. Moreover, you can combat nasty frizz with the help of hair products, designed specifically for this goal – check labels!

  1. Add some definition

Definition is the key to successful styling of curly hair. There are specific hair products that can help you to separate your curls. Look for products like gels, mousses or serums on the shelves of the store.

Now you know how to take under control your curly hair and be cofident.

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