Men Care About Hair Care too

Though most won’t admit it, men have as much desire to look and smell great as women do. Often men find a particular product they love and stick with it for the long-haul as they tend to be creatures of habit. Mens hair products are about much more than shampoo and conditioner. There are pomades, hair clay, combs and texturing gels to keep that mane looking as if he doesn’t care and simply rolls out of bed looking that fabulous. It takes skill to be this messy in such and organized way and this look doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


*Shampoo serves the purpose of removing excess oils and cleansing debris and residues from the hair strands. The best products are made using natural ingredients and without harsh sulfates that dry the hair. The environmental minded male might even want to ensure that his products are not tested on animals and are labeled cruelty free and humanely sourced. Natural scents derived from essential oils are popular, especially tea tree products which stimulate the scalp and have antimicrobial properties.

*Conditioner serves the purpose of moisturizing and smoothing the hair and the best ones leave the hair feeling silky and soft without losing manageability. The fly away effect that some conditioners leave is not a positive feature and neither is an overly oily conditioner that leaves hair looking weighed down and greasy. It is easy to choose products that fit into your environmental and moral guidelines, simply read the labels and look for the features you desire.

*The tool for your hair care is the perfect comb, one that will end up in the back pocket frequently, is easy to clean and has short tines that are spaced perfectly for your hair type. Some men like very fine teeth while others seek out wider ones for thick or knotted hair. The material should be durable and smooth without any broken tines or sharp edges.

*Finishing mens hair products such as gels, pomades, clays, and shine products come in a huge array of types each with a specific job to do. Finding the perfect finish products typically is a game of trial and error but the best way to determine what might work best is to choose products that are specifically for the desired effect you are trying to achieve. Choose a spiking gel for making the hair stand up or a smoothing gel for controlling fly away.

Women tend to forget how important self-care is for the special man in their life. Everyone needs to feel attractive, and well cared for and the right products can help ensure this happens. Hair products tend to be a part of how a person smells and the hair is close to the face so a person will have close contact with the fragrances chosen. Care should be taken to ensure the product fragrances work together and are pleasant.

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