Melatonin the “third eye” hormone essential for planning your sleep

Melatonin is one of the natural hormones produced by the pineal body which is an endocrine gland in the central brain responsible for self-regulation of a person sleeping patterns and reproduction. This essential hormone disseminates information on the lighting of the environment to all parts of human as well as animal’s body. Melatonin UK, therefore, refers to the general effect of this fundamental hormone in people living and working in the UK. It is good to take note that yielding Melatonin is preceded by acetylation and methylation of serotonin within the pineal gland.  Production and discharge of melatonin are majorly hindered by light that reaches the eyes. As a result melatonin is very mild at day time and increases to the maximum at night time.

Melatonin UK

Melatonin in the UK is used extensively to offer the temporary medical solution to individuals suffering from sleep disorders and insomnia. It acts in the human body by initiating chemical receptors in the central brain to induce sleep in the patient. Medical experts discourage prescribing melatonin to individuals below the ages of 55.  It is also good to remember that melatonin is only for short-term prescription and is discouraged as long-term medicine. Levels of the hormone in individuals above 55 years of age are relatively low, and the use of melatonin UK treatment is considered to be helpful in this cases. Apart from individuals with advanced age, others affected by lower levels of melatonin are the shift employees, who in most instances get it hard to adjust to sleeping during the day and working at night. Medical practitioners are using melatonin treatment in the UK to assist such employees. Jet lag is a condition that disrupts the circadian rhythms and taking a dose of melatonin solves the problem.

How melatonin affects reproduction

Regular changes the length of the day can affect reproduction cycle of many species of animals, melatonin is used to control such changes. In very cold climatic lands, animals such as sheep, hamsters, and horses have distinctive seasons for breeding. As such the males organs fail to generate fertility tissues during non-breeding periods. The gonads gradually become active as the season changes to breeding season and the males begin to produce fertility tissues i.e. sperms. This is possible because the pineal gland is in a position to determine the length of the day and, therefore, adjusting the secretion of melatonin as required. Therefore, a sheep, horse of harmster with no pineal gland cannot adjust to breed.

Safe use of melatonin in the UK

Persons with liver and kidney related problems or those who may be sensitive to ingredients in melatonin should not use melatonin treatment.

Users of alcohol as well are advised not use melatonin at the same time with alcohol.

Due to melatonin’s effect on sleep patterns, a patient under treatment is not allowed to operate a machine or drive.

Physician’s advice is very important before a patient is prescribed melatonin because of its reaction with certain medicine treatments such as contraceptive pills.

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