The Mattress In The Box: Choose, Get It And Enjoy

The mattress in a box, just like what the name suggests, is a full-sized or double mattress compressed in order to fit the size of smaller, traditional cardboard boxes. That means storing a large mattress in boxes of up to a quarter of their size, something that has changed the transportation field. Actually, reducing the size of packages enables people to ship out more products under the same basic rate. This has a huge impact on the buyer, as they will benefit from less expensive shipment costs.

Who Can Benefit From the Mattress in a Box Australia?

Essentially, any person can benefit from this comfortable, yet very convenient in terms of transportation kind of mattresses. But, the idea was developed with a certain target audience in mind. For example, those who live in top floors of a building know how hard it would be to take a double mattress up stairs because they cannot fit into the elevator many cases. On the other hand, when planning to move or couch surf for some months, you cannot afford the luxury of carrying large items like the mattresses along. So, with the Mattress in a box Australia, you can account for all those situations.

Something Special Other Than Transportation Convenience

These design features are spring-based memory foam. The Memory foam is one of the best and latest technology used by manufacturers to provide a good night rest time by adjusting to the shape of the body when you lay on it and reverting to its original form when you get up. For box mattresses to maintain their shape during the storing times, the memory foam as well as the springs is to be more effective than the normal memory foam type. Moreover, because they come in the air tight covering, they are less prone to have harmful microorganisms.

How to Know If They Are Comfortable

If you are buying a compressed mattress at a nearby store, then the sellers will have a stretched model there for you to try out. On the other side, if you purchasing the Mattress in a box Australia online, you need to rely on the genuineness of reviews and the guarantee from the manufacturer. But, if you were to look at few of the reviews regarding good compressed mattresses manufacturers, the fact is complaints are so rare.

How to Install the Mattress

Installing the Mattress in a box Australia is easy and fast. For those who have tight rooms in at home, it is good to decompress the mattress in the place where you want to fit it, because when it reaches its full size; it will be difficult for one to move it. You all need to take it out of the box and cut the plastic cover with a pair of scissors. Don’t use a cutter or knife because you do not want to tear the mattress. This inflation process takes between at most 10 minutes, but this also depends on the mattress size.


When shopping for a Mattress in a box Australia, it is good to shop around and investigate the quality of the mattresses available for sale. It is important to note that, as the buyer, you will get what you will pay for. So make sure you love the mattress feel in the store.

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