Marvelous Designer software is all about knowledge and expertise of virtual clothing as it lets you be skilled in this field to create your own customized clothes even without any existing patterns.

In order to use Marvelous Designer video tutorials, you are given the step by step instructions by the highly efficient and helpful workshops, so that you can create the dynamic 3D clothes that give a realistic look to your 3D models. In our workshops and training courses, we let you understand all about the virtual garments in video tutorials, so you can learn it all, along with practicing as well.


We realize that the traditional 3D modeling require a lot of hard work and time to produce the real looking garments, that’s why we have dedicated our whole expertise to make this software, in order to make virtual clothing easy and learnable for you through the video tutorials. You can always save your time and money upon using Marvelous Designer, whether you use it for video games, 3D animations or whatever.

We have divided our whole training program into two basic categories. One is for the beginners who are willing to learn how to use our Marvelous Designer software and the other is the advanced one, in which the entire workflow of creating the 3D clothes is taught.

Beginner’s Courses:

This course is for the amateurs, who are totally new to the Marvelous Designer software. These courses let them know about the basics of the software and how to create simple garment pieces out of the scratch. All they have to do is to follow along the video tutorials and after taking some time, they’ll be fully aware of how the software works and what are the required techniques and the principles for making the 3D clothes with MD software.

Advanced Workshops:

These workshops are the step by step video tutorials of the whole process towards getting the ultra-realistic virtual garments, which of course, is the priority of productions. The advanced workshops are more about the professional tools, tricks and advanced procedures of taking the 3D clothing into more expert level.

The whole training program is logically organized and if you start through the beginner’s courses, it will take you towards the advanced workshops and you will learn a lot without even realizing it. It is a very serious and step by step program to train you about the use and expertise in the MD software, without any sort of unnecessary fluff. The video tutorials are recorded in a very simple language with easy steps, keeping in mind the non-native English speakers and complete newcomers with the Marvelous Design software.

With this software in your virtual hands, you obviously do not need to waste your time on other software’s of the garment pattern drafting, as we teach you all the tricks about interacting the design to modify clothes with our software. Give it a try and let us make you an expert in virtual clothing.

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