Marijuana detox: how to overcome marijuana dependency

People who smoke marijuana or cannabis all suffer from a severe dependency on weed; most of them can’t sleep without taking one or more cigarettes before bed, which is really bad for health.

Now we are going to share with you some of the most effective technique to overcome your weed dependency. But first let’s look at some controversial things people say about marijuana.

Is cannabis an addictive substance?

Some claim that marijuana is not addictive, yet there is no proof of this claim. The thing to know for sure is that those who take marijuana suffer from several withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit marijuana, according to, in addiction whatever it was alcohol, marijuana or any type of drug, withdrawal symptoms = your addicted. So to sum this up, marijuana is addictive.

How marijuana can affect your health

Marijuana is addictive, so what? Some believe that marijuana doesn’t affect health, only because they see that in some medical facilities, it is used as cure, this is one the lame excuses drug distributers use to promote their product, but here how marijuana really affects your health.

  • Loss of memory
  • Short attention span
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Get sick more often

These and more health damages should help you reconsider putting another cigarette in your system. And one of the most lethal effects of marijuana is lung cancer.

Overcoming weed dependency

Now or the most important part, marijuana detox strategies, it’s worth noting that more than 90% of marijuana addicts fail o quit marijuana at their first attempt, due to several withdrawal symptoms, here are some strategies to employ to quit your weed dependency.

Commit to your decision, this is the most important step, you need to make a decision to quit, and commit to that decision.

Be honest about your addiction, you have to talk to people about your addiction and how you decided to quit, that will give you an extra motive to stop smoking. So not to seem week in those people’s eyes.

Occupy your free time, one the most common marijuana withdrawal symptoms is depression, where does depression come from. Free time equals boredom and boredom leads to depression, so find something to do other than just sit around, get hobbies, and go out with friends

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