Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto Manages Her Time

For Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto, it is important to appropriately manage her time. Between studies, work, family, activities like pageants and giving back in between, she cannot spread herself too thin. The ambitious leader learned from a young age after he parents recognized that their daughter had many interests and passions, to manage her time.

With a title like Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto, she has to be able to manage her time effectively. The demanded pageant candidate is studying finance, which has become equally as demanding as her volunteering and pageant duties. For this reason, she has begun to set clear short-term goals for her days and weeks, and broken hem down so she can realistically achieve them. Next, she began prioritizing and focusing on urgent and important tasks like academics rather than those that are not important or don’t more toward her short term and long term goals. Other tricks Many implies in her everyday life include organizing her work schedule, making lists and setting reminders, and preserving when things are not going as planned and avoiding procrastination.

To elaborate, Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto can do all of these things because she’s more than organized; she’s determined. Determination is a key attribute sought after by employers, opportunists, and in her case, judges at pageant competitions. She goes after want she wants and sometimes is viewed more important than the quality of intelligence and intellectual property. Determination and drive is assessed in all types of applications, interviews, judging. In business competition or stage competition, the candidate or client that has drive, is the one that will stand out. Additionally, determination is closely associated with resilience: the ability to bounce back for setbacks, instead of giving up.

Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto is not only dedicated to being an active participant in her community, she is driven to give back, be academically successful, all while having time for herself and her pleasures. The proud young Miss Chinese Toronto is well rounded and ready for any obstacle.

It is vital to know what tends to suck up your time especially if you want to make time for everything you love to do. While Mandy was studying, she met a girl who was doing her Master’s and a certificate at the same time while having a job and looking after her sick father. If you are well organized, you should have the time to do all the things you love.

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